Black Hole: Albert Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity' proved, the light seen coming from behind the black hole, how was it possible?

Black Hole: Albert Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ proved, the light seen coming from behind the black hole, how was it possible?

Theory of Relativity: Black hole is that thing present in the universe, which swallows everything including light. But for the first time a light has been seen behind it. For this, scientists have seen a series of X-ray flashes.

Black Hole Light – Symbolic picture

Black Hole Theory of Relativity: Whenever we talk about black hole, then only one thing comes in our mind, that it (black hole) is something that swallows up light also. But for the first time, astronomers at Stanford University have seen light emanating from behind a black hole. This has also proved the theory of relativity of the great scientist Albert Einstein. For the first time, scientists have seen evidence of this theory.

This study related to black holes has been published in the journal ‘Nature’. To study, scientists analyzed the X-rays around the black hole (Black Hole Theory by Albert Einstein,). Which is located at a distance of 100 million light years from Earth. It was visible due to the bending of light under the influence of powerful gravity. Einstein’s theory held that massive objects affect space-time, which can be seen in the form of gravity.

Series of X-ray flashes observed

Study co-author Roger Blandford said that 50 years ago, astrophysicists began to understand the behavior of magnetic fields at the edges of black holes (Theory of Relativity Proved in Research). But he had no idea that one day they would be seen through technology and Einstein’s theory could be proved. During the research, astrophysicist Dan Wilkins of Stanford University observed a series of X-ray flashes.

different colored lights

Apart from this, other lights were seen with the help of telescope. Whose color was different. According to Dan, the light that goes into the black hole does not come out. This is the reason why we should not see anything hidden behind a black hole (Latest Research on Black Hole). But this time the light has been seen behind it because the black hole can bend space and light. Along with this, he can also bend the magnetic field near him. Although many researches have already been done about black holes. In which many important information related to this has come to the fore.

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