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Awesome insult! Imran had come to take the help of Aavam, a woman troubled by inflation, heard the PM scouring, watch the video

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been fiercely listened to by a woman troubled by inflation.

Imran Khan standing at the fruit stall (Twitter)

In Pakistan these days, people are facing heavy inflation and unemployment. Above all, Coronavirus has exacerbated the crisis. Because of this, the anger of the people against Prime Minister Imran Khan is on the seventh sky. The resentment of Pakistani people can be known in such a way that the woman was heard by Imran Khan on the middle road. The video of this incident is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Even before this, Imran has had to face two-fours from such situations.

Actually, Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat has shared a video on Twitter. In this video, Imran Khan can be seen on a road near the street-street. In fact, Imran suddenly went among the people to ask about his well-being. But then he stops at a fruit stall. It is here that a woman is heard scolding Imran and sounding sarcastic. The woman has not been seen in this video, but her voice can definitely be heard. At the same time, Emraan gets walking after listening to khuti-khoti.

What did the woman say to Imran?

It can be heard in the video that the woman is saying to Imran, ‘This method is not right for you, you go and sit in VIP drawing rooms, which way is yours.’ However, it is not yet known what is the real reason for the woman to tell Imran in good terms. But it is believed that people have become angry with Imran for not handling the Corona cases properly. Imran has also implemented lockdown in some cities. Because of this, small shopkeepers are facing a lot of trouble.

Even before, Aavam has insulted Imran

However, this is not the first time that a common Pakistani of Imran has insulted him. Earlier in February, a video was going viral. Actually during a live show, a Pakistani citizen living abroad had heard Imran very well. In this video, a Pakistani citizen taunts Imran, saying that I had voted for your party, had also given donations. Your government has built 350 dams and agriculture is also progressing. The man further says that we have come to know that you are sending a mission to the moon as well. Will make colonies for Pakistanis over there. Inflation has reduced completely due to your plans.

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