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Australia’s all-round criticism for ‘homeless’ its own citizens, now PM explains why it took strict steps

For the first time in history, the Government of Australia has prohibited the return of its citizens who have spent 14 days in India before returning to Australia.

Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison

Australia imposed a travel ban on India in view of the increasing impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The government has decided to ban Australian citizens trying to return to their homeland from India and to provide for jail sentences and fines. Because of this, the Australian Government is being criticized all over the world. At the same time, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended his decision saying that this decision is in the ‘best interest’ of the country and it will stop the third wave of corona virus.

For the first time in history, the Australian government has recently banned the return of its citizens who have spent 14 days in India before returning to Australia. The government has threatened that such people will be prosecuted and imprisoned for up to five years or fined 66,000 Australian dollars. Morrison said that this is a temporary arrangement and a very difficult decision. He said, this arrangement has been done so that we do not have a third wave of (COVID-19) in Australia and our quarantine system remains strong. He said that it is in the ‘best interest’ of the country.

Will help to strengthen arrangement in isolation center

The Prime Minister said that he feels bad for the Indian community. Morrison said, “We have seen a seven-fold increase in the infection rate among those coming back from India at our Howard springs center.” He said, it is important that we ensure that there is a temporary halt so that the arrangements in those isolation centers can be strengthened and the system of investigation can also be strengthened and it is not only leaving India, but thirdly Also for the people coming from the country.

20,000 people were brought back to the country

The Prime Minister told the 2GB radio channel that they had brought back about 20,000 people who had been registered through special flights back to the country. Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albany has criticized the Prime Minister for imposing fines and imprisonment on leaving the people of Australia in India and coming back. Let us tell you that new rules were made by the government, because recently two Australian cricketers reached the country. In view of the ban on direct flights coming from India, these two cricketers first traveled to Qatar. Then flew to Australia from there.

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