Australia: 'Delta variant' worsens situation, declaration of emergency in New South Wales, half of the country's population 'locked' in homes

Australia: ‘Delta variant’ worsens situation, declaration of emergency in New South Wales, half of the country’s population ‘locked’ in homes

The government of the state of New South Wales has declared an emergency in the state in view of the increasing cases due to the delta variant.

Streets deserted after the lockdown implemented in Sydney (AFP)

The government of the New South Wales state of Australia has declared an emergency in view of the increasing cases of COVID-19. According to the state government of New South Wales, 136 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the state in the last 24 hours and one person died due to infection. These are the highest number of cases reported after the havoc of the infection increased in mid-June. It is worth noting that most of the new cases are related to the Delta variant of Corona.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales, has called on the federal government to provide more vaccines for the worst-affected suburbs to the west and south of Sydney. Sydney has been under lockdown for almost a month. The ‘delta’ form of COVID-19 spread from Sydney to Victoria and then from there to the state of South Wales. There is also a lockdown in these states. Half of Australia’s 26 million population is facing lockdown.

Fear of vaccine among people due to cases of blood clots

Only 15 percent of adults in Australia are fully vaccinated. There is a sufficient supply of locally manufactured AstraZeneca Vaccine in the country. But in view of the cases of blood clots related to it, there is an atmosphere of fear among the people. Because of this people have started looking towards other vaccines. But they only have the option of Pfizer, because this is the second vaccine, which has been approved for use.

PM apologizes for slow pace of vaccination

At the same time, the government is under question regarding the slow pace of vaccination in Australia. This is the reason why Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has to apologize. Speaking to reporters in Canberra on Thursday, PM Morrison said, ‘I am categorically sorry that we have not reached the figure we expected to reach at the beginning of the year.’ Morrison said, ‘I’m sorry. But now we are paying full attention to this situation. I take responsibility for the vaccination. At the same time, I also take responsibility for the challenge that lies before us. It is worth noting here that before this, Morrison has refused to apologize for the government’s mistakes in an interview.

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