American Fighter Jet flying in mid-air caught fire, photographer saw it while taking pictures and saved the life of the pilot

American Fighter Jet flying in mid-air caught fire, photographer saw it while taking pictures and saved the life of the pilot

US Fighter Jet: The life of a US fighter pilot was in danger when his plane caught fire. This fire started in the rear of the plane. Which was noticed by a British photographer in time and saved the life of the pilot.

Photographer Saved Pilot’s Life (British Photographer Saved Pilot’s Life) – Symbolic picture

Photographer Saved Pilot’s Life: A British photographer saved the life of an American fighter pilot due to his intelligence. A photographer named Ian Simpson was taking pictures of the fighter aircraft F-15E Strike Eagle at that time, when he saw fire coming out of the rear of the plane. He immediately informed the airbase, after which an alert was sent to the pilot and he managed to land the plane successfully. After which US Air Force pilot Major Grant Thompson has honored photographer Simpson.

According to the Daily Mail report, while Simpson was taking pictures of the plane, he saw fire coming out of its rear. He told Thompson about this before the plane had gone to a high altitude (Photographer Saves Life of Pilot). He did not find it normal to fire and he also understood that the pilot was not aware of it. After this, Simpson immediately searched the phone number of the airfield on Google and reported the fire on the plane.

Thompson handed over the batch to Simpson

Simpson says, ‘I thought something was wrong with the plane. We have taken a lot of pictures of the plane, in which the spark can be seen coming out from behind it. The airbase then sent a message to the pilot. His wingman checked and confirmed an engine failure (Plane Accidents in US). After which the aircraft was successfully brought back. Major Grant Thompson removed the patch on his shoulder and handed it over to Simpson who saved his life and thanked him.

Ian’s courage praised

The 48th Fighter Wing of the US Air Force resides at this airbase. “It was a very rare event for most of us here who didn’t see it in person,” she said. It’s great to know that Liberty Wing has such a great partnership with the local community and the courage Ian showed is just amazing.’ When Simpson was talked to in the matter, he told that he had seen the death of a young American pilot in a plane crash on June 15, 2020. After which he became more conscious about plane accidents. He says that he does not want such an incident to happen to anyone at all.

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