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America: New York’s Swastik city Will Remain Same, Not a single vote in protest

Washington You must have heard and seen many protests and politics in India in recent times and before that about changing the name of cities or roads. Seeing the name of cities associated with a particular religion and then changing it has been a political exercise in India from time to time.

Now one such case has also come out of America. In fact, for the past several days, there is a dispute about the name of ‘Swastik’, a small town in New York, USA. Some people raised objections to it and demanded to change it, while some advocated not to change it.

In such a situation, in view of the growing conflict between the people, the name of the city was ‘Swastika’ or not, voting was done. There was not a single vote against the name during voting. So now the name of that small town will remain as Swastik.

Let me tell you that some people had raised objection by linking the name Swastik with the insignia of the Nazis and demanded to be changed, but the local residents said that this name has nothing to do with the symbol of the Nazis.

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What is the whole matter?

Let us tell you that this case came to light when a tourist lodged a complaint about this name. When a tourist from New York passes through the town of Michael Alchemo Swastik, he gets his attention in the name of this town.

Alkemo said that he was shocked when he came to know that the name of this town is Swastik. He felt sad that World War II warriors are buried just a short distance away from this town. In such a situation, I was surprised that after 1945, why the people living here did not change the name ‘Swastik’ to any other name. Thinking this, he filed a complaint to change this name.

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Not a single vote was cast in protest

After the Alkemo complaint, when the matter caught fire, it was decided to vote on it. On September 14, the city’s Black Brook Town Council unanimously voted not to change the name ‘Swastika’.

Black Brooks Supervisor John Douglas said, ‘The original inhabitants of the city named it Swastika in the 1800s. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘swastika’, which means – welfare. We feel pity for those outsides, who do not know anything about the history of our community and are enraged by this name and oppose it. For the people of our community, this is the name our ancestors chose. ‘

Let me tell you that Germany’s dictator ruler Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party adopted ‘Swastik’ as a symbol in the 1930s. Swastik sign is considered as a sacred symbol in many religions like Hindu, Buddhist, Jain etc. This is the reason why people place this symbol in their homes and temples or places of worship.

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