AI Program: America will tell the future through artificial intelligence, information will be available before major attacks

AI Program: America will tell the future through artificial intelligence, information will be available before major attacks

Artificial Intelligence: Countries like China and Russia are adopting all kinds of technology to compete with America. To deal with the threat from this, America wants to stay two steps ahead of these countries and is working on a special program.

America working on AI program (US AI Global Information Dominance Experiments) photo – @DeptofDefense

Global Information Dominance Experiments: We have seen such characters in Hollywood movies and many TV serials, who easily tell what is going to happen in the future. After this, efforts are made to stop that serious danger. But what if this actually happens? America is now going to do something, through which information related to the future can be obtained in advance. The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, is working on the Artificial Intelligence Program (AI Program). By which it will be known what will happen in the future and possible attacks on sensitive places will also be predicted.

Under this, Global Information Dominance Experiments or GIDE will study huge data with the help of machine learning, to detect changes that have been overlooked by humans, such as reducing the number of vehicles in a parking lot. or will increase. If there is a danger through the experimental program, then human agents will get its information in advance. Military officials said that the name of the latest experiment is GIDE 3.

The third test is completed this week

General Glen VanHerck, Commander of the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM), said that GIDE connects data taken from sources around the world with cloud computing resources and artificial intelligence. Through which ‘getting important information’ and ‘decision making excellence’ can be achieved. Its third test has been completed this week. He said the new system represents an “advancement in our ability to maintain awareness, acquire information, and deliver decision-making superiority in competition and crisis”.

GIDE is more effective than DoD system

GIDE provides proactive choice by making decisions faster and making new technology more effective. “What we have seen is the ability to move forward, which we give up even when we are active,” he says. And I am not talking of minutes or hours, but of days.’ General Glenn VanHerk said that the DoD systems used by the military include satellites, radar, human intelligence and other sources. But GIDE 3 is also supported by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and Project Manav (a DoD support group that uses AI).

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