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After all, when will the world be free from the corona virus crisis? Scientists gave the answer in the latest research

The team has tried to find out the effect of Covid Cases found in 117 countries of the world by 9 January 2021 and the impact of the latitude line of a country on them.

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Is Coronavirus Coming to an End: The whole world is troubled by Coronavirus and every human being is asking the same question at this time, when will the world get rid of this infection? So some scientists have given the answer to this question to the people. Recent research on Corona virus (Research on Coronavirus) has revealed that the virus will affect seasonally, but will not be completely eliminated even in the summer season. The cases will be less in a year, but will not end. Scientists at Harvard University in the US and scientists from Beijing’s Academy of Sciences in China have visually inspected the map of the world.

Due to which they have come to know that the cases of Coronavirus Coming to an End have been reported less in the countries close to the equator. Where heat and moisture are found more. This study, published in Journal Scientific Siports, has also revealed that there may be fewer cases of corona virus in many countries during the summer months (Will Coronavirus Ever End). But it can be seen in winter. The researchers say that our results are consistent with the hypothesis. It has been found that heat and heat of the sun prevents SARS-CoV-2 from spreading.

High temperature prevention measures

David E. Bloom, who worked at Harvard’s TH Chain School of Public Health and was part of the team, says that all these things have been revealed in many research before this too (Will Coronavirus Ever End). But the data has been slightly different among them. But the results of the research do not necessarily mean that the infection will end during the summer or that it will not affect countries close to the equator. The researchers said, “Higher temperatures in summer and more intense UV radiation can be seen as a protective measure for SARS-CoV-2.”

Research done on 117 countries

The team has tried to find out the connection between the COVID cases found in 117 countries of the world by 9 January 2021 and those falling on the latitude line of a country (Coronavirus End Predictions). It has been shown that coronavirus cases increase by 4.3 per cent on a population of one million (population of 1 million) when the Earth’s latitude increases from the equator. With this, in countries which are located near the equator, there is a possibility of getting 33 percent less cases of infection on a population of 1 million. That is, the infection can now become more or less dangerous depending on the season.

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