Afghanistan War: Canada will support the people of Afghanistan in difficult times, rehabilitation will be accelerated

Afghanistan War: Canada will support the people of Afghanistan in difficult times, rehabilitation will be accelerated

Afghanistan: The threat of Taliban in Afghanistan is increasing every day. Meanwhile, America and Canada have decided to help those people who helped their soldiers during the war.

Canada will help the Afghan people (Canada on Afghanis) – symbolic picture

Canada Pledges to Resettle Afghanis: The Canadian government said on Friday it would expedite the resettlement of Afghans who worked with Canada over the past 20 years. However, Canada did not give any details about who would be eligible or when people currently facing threat from the Taliban would start arriving. The government is facing pressure from top Canadian leaders, who are concerned that Afghans who supported them and their families will face arrest and even death at the hands of the Taliban.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said, ‘The exact details of how the operation will be carried out and when it will be launched to ensure the safety and security of the Afghans as well as the security of the Canadian teams that are already being protected have to keep.’ After the withdrawal of US security forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken control of many parts of the country. These areas also include Southern Kandahar Province (Afghanistan and Canada Relations). Where the Canadian army was on the longest campaign in the country for 13 years.

158 Canadian soldiers killed

In 2014, 158 Canadian soldiers and seven civilians were killed in Afghanistan before the army’s withdrawal. Most of these died while being taken hostage by the Taliban (Afghanistan War and Canada). Mendicino said the government already has teams working with Canada to identify those who face threats and immigration officials to expedite asylum applications for eligible people. Will bring “Our focus is on people who have had an important and lasting relationship with the Canadian government,” he said.

People of Afghanistan can contact

Mendicino encouraged Afghan citizens living in Canada to contact his office directly who feel that their family in Afghanistan is in danger, also eligible to come to Canada (Afghanistan Canada Peacekeeping). Canada rehabilitated nearly 800 Afghan civilians and their families in two separate programs launched in 2008 and 2012 before the end of the first military operation. Mendicino said “thousands” of people could be eligible.

planning for security

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said that for security reasons he could not say how the refugees would reach Canada or whether the Canadian government would seek space for those people on flights involved in the return of people from Afghanistan by the US and other allies (Afghanistan Canada Immigration). He said, ‘I can assure you that we are planning for logistical and security how it will happen.’

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