A 'ball of fire' was seen flying in the sky of America, amazing incident caught on camera, see its VIDEO here

A ‘ball of fire’ was seen flying in the sky of America, amazing incident caught on camera, see its VIDEO here

Fireball in Sky: A fireball has been seen in the sky in Texas and many other places in America. Whose sight was captured in the camera by the people. Earlier in Norway, there was news of a strong explosion due to a meteorite falling from the sky.

Fireball in Sky (Fireball in Sky) photo – Twitter

Fireball in Texas Sky: Thousands of people have seen a ball of fire flying in the sky of Texas in America during the night. It was seen moving at high speed in the clouds, many videos of which have surfaced on social media. According to the information, this sight was seen here on Sunday night at 9 pm. The NGO American Meteor Society (AMS) has come to know about 213 incidents of fireballs, of which three videos have been found. Some people have seen the fireball in Texas, while others have seen in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.

In the viral video, an object resembling a ball of fire can be seen flying in the sky for a few seconds. People say that this has been seen for 3 to 4 seconds (Fireball in North Texas Sky). While about 14 people said that the sound was also coming due to its moving in the sky. AMS says the fireball was a meteorite. It was shining as bright as the planet Venus shines in the evening. Maps of the US space agency NASA show that fireballs are seen in the sky all over the world. According to the space agency, these objects can grow to more than 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter before burning due to atmospheric friction.

A meteorite falls on the ground as debris

These balls of fire after the explosion become debris and fall on the ground. Those who make discoveries related to meteorites, rarely get the evidence related to them on the ground. However, now if they are visible in the sky, it has become easier to capture these events through video (Meteor Related Incidents in US). Earlier last year, a glowing green thing was seen in the sky in the area of ​​Tasman River falling between Australia and New Zealand. In the month of April, fireballs were also seen in England, Wales and northern France.

Thousands of meteorites fall on the earth every year

Every year thousands of meteorites fall towards the earth, which become a fireball as soon as they enter the earth’s atmosphere and then fall in the form of debris in less populated areas or sea areas (Texas Fireball Viral Video ). Due to which people get very little information about them. On this Sunday, a meteorite also fell in Norway. Due to which there was a loud explosion and people were very scared. A bright light also appeared as soon as the meteorite fell. However, it has not caused any damage.

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