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91 people, including five women found imprisoned in two-storey house, all hungry, many have symptoms of COVID-19

All those imprisoned have been told to be kept in this house (Houston House Case). Medical facilities, food and water have been provided to these people.

91 people found imprisoned in a house in Houston

Police Found 91 People in Houston House: A shocking case of suspected human trafficking has emerged in the US state of Texas. Here 91 people have been found imprisoned in a two-storey house, out of which five are infected with Coronavirus. Police has given information about this matter. A police team raided the house in southwest Houston on Friday. A search warrant was also issued earlier. No children are included in those found at home.

Among them are people aged at least 20 years or older. Five of the 91 people are female and the rest are male. The citizenship of all the victims is yet to be ascertained, hence the police believe that these people are ‘migrants’. Migrants (Human Smuggling in Texas) told the police that they are all hungry, while some have reported symptoms of a COVID-19 epidemic such as fever, snorting, and no ability to taste. When the health department here conducted a rapid test of COVID-19, it was found that five people were infected.

No weapons found

Now it has been said that all of them should be kept in this house. Medical service, food and water have been provided to these people. Also, none of them got hurt. Houston Police Assistant Chief Darrin Edwards said in the case, ‘When we went inside the house, we found out that there were more than 90 people inside and we had to find out about any kind of danger there tried.’ He told that a crowd of these people were seen in the two-storey house, but they were not tied with rope, nor any weapon was found from this place.

Several cases were found last week

Edwards said, ‘When we entered the house, what we saw was quite amazing. I do not know if these people were being sent somewhere for wages or some other work, but this case seems more of human trafficking. ‘ Police is now finding out who all the imprisoned people are and who has brought them here. In Texas, there were several cases related to human trafficking last week. Four houses were raided here on Wednesday and 52 migrants were found there. The next day, 27 people were found in another house on Thursday. On the same day, 20 people were found hiding behind an 18-wheeled truck. It is believed that all these matters are related to each other.

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