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2500 years old treasure found in the jungles of Sweden, there are more than 50 items of Bronze Age, including a necklace.

Swedish archaeologists say that it is very rare to find such treasures in a forest. The ancient tribes used to leave such things as an offering in rivers and marshes.

Treasures Found Intensive (AFP)

In Sweden, a person found a treasure of the Bronze Age during a survey of the forest. It has been said that this treasure is about 2500 years old. This treasure includes about 50 items, including necklaces, bracelets and pins attached to clothes. This treasure found in western Sweden has been discovered by a cartographer named Thomas Karlsson. He told that at first I thought it was a lamp, but when I looked at it closely, I saw an old jewel in it.

Swedish archaeologists say that it is very rare to find such treasures in a forest. The ancient tribes used to leave such things as an offering in rivers and marshes. This treasure was close to a stone on the surface of the forest. It is believed that it must have been left here and due to the passing of the animals, it must have come out of the dust. It has been told about this treasure that it is old from 750 to 500 BC.

Treasure left to please god

Carlson said that he was working on a map, when he saw this shiny metal thing. At first they thought that they were fake copies of the jewelery, because they were in a very good state. But then they suspected it to be valuable. He then emailed a local archaeologist. This forest exists near the town of Ellingsus, about 48 km north-east of Gothenburg. Archaeologists have interpreted it as a depot. It is believed that this treasure was deliberately left to please God.

The items found in the treasury belong to women

Professor Johan Ling, lecturer in the Department of Archeology at Gothenburg University, said that the jewels found in the treasury have been kept in a very good manner. He said, a lot of things found in this are related to women of high rank. A road has been found in the treasury, which must have been used to drive horses. The first such item was found in the neighboring country of Denmark, but this is the first time in Sweden.

The ancient treasure hunter gets a prize

According to the Swedish law, if any ancient thing is found, the local police and administration have to give it information. This is because these assets are considered part of the government. The Swedish National Heritage Board then decides what prize to give to the finder. Carlson said that getting a prize would be a nice bonus, but it is not necessary for me. It is a fun thing for me to dig into history. We know very little about that era, because there is no written thing at that time.

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