Your favorite social media platform Instagram has a long association with whiskey, know how it started

Your favorite social media platform Instagram has a long association with whiskey, know how it started

Within 2 months of launching Instagram, it had 1 million users. It was such a huge success that, by September of 2017, the photo-sharing social media platform had amassed 800 million users.

There were many names before Instagram

From children to old and young, social media is in everyone’s veins. It has become dearer to people than morning tea and sweet sleep at night. That’s why people use social media while getting up and sleeping. Using social media is not just an addiction. People also use it for productive work. And for all this people’s first choice is – Instagram. Talking about the fastest growing platforms on social media, then you will definitely find the name of Instagram in the top of the list. The reason behind the rapid growth of Instagram is simple that it has emerged as the first choice of youth. You know this very well that if the youth likes something, then no one can stop him from running at the forefront of the internet world.

Instagram is so big today that it doesn’t need any introduction. But still, there are some such things about this entertaining social platform, which you might be surprised to know about. So let’s know what is the special thing related to the name of Instagram that will really surprise you.

Instagram has an old relationship with this whiskey

What you know as Instagram is a social media platform with more than 100 million users. Earlier it was not known as Instagram but as a whiskey. Yes, you heard it right, Instagram was created in October 2012, and then it was not called this but it was called Burbn.

It all started when Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, created an HTML5 prototype and named it after his favorite whiskey, Bourbon. It was an app that users could use to check-in, post their plans and share pictures. But people mostly used it to share photos. In view of its user activity, the makers named it a new one. INSTANT PHOTOS to ‘INSTA’ and TELEGRAM to ‘GRAM. And in the same way BURBN is famous among us today as INSTAGRAM.

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