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Why does LED give white light

Why does LED give white light? Story of LED and its features – Japanese-American scientist Shuji Nakamura and Japanese scientists Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano jointly received the 2014 Nobel of Physics for the invention of blue LED. Actually, scientists were trying to make this blue LED for the last 30-40 years. Its construction has made it possible to make white LEDs.

Why does LED give white light?

Story of LED and its features

Led happens

Story of LED and its features- The full name of LED is Light Emitting Diode. It is a major source of illumination, as well as very helpful for electronic devices. It is being used in many techniques. Its first successful construction took place in 1968, although the process of its construction started from 1927. The normal bulb lights up due to the wire filament, while the LED illuminates when the electric current reaches the semiconductor.

Award from LED

This year the Blue LED innovator has received the Nobel Prize in Physics. Actually this Blue LED is very special and science industry is benefiting a lot from its innovation. Apart from blue (blue) LED, the already existing red and green LEDs also surprise people with their bright light. LED Full Form Light Emitting Diode is

How does white light become

Story of LED and its features – You must have read RGB combination in science. RGB combination means red (red), green (green) and blue (blue) when mixed together, produces a white (white) color. The same RGB formula also applies for white light. Red and green LEDs were invented long ago, but due to the absence of blue LEDs, it was difficult to produce white light. Now that the blue LED has been successfully invented, white LED bulbs are easily made. This white LED bulb is proving to be quite beneficial for modern technologies.

Light up your home with this Diwali LED

Story of LED and its features- Now on Diwali you must have started planning to illuminate the house and will also be shopping for decoration. Follow my advice, speak to Mama and Papa, this time you will decorate your house with LED lights. When you decorate your house with red, green, blue LED, it will add beauty to your home, as well as look completely different from the rest of the neighbors. The specialty of LED is that it lasts for years.

In such a situation, if you have bought it once, then you can use it every year on the occasion of Diwali or any other occasion to decorate your house. LED also does not spread pollution. In such a situation, if you use LED on Diwali, you will also help to keep the environment green. So, this time let’s name this Diwali LED.

LEDs occupy the technology world

Today most technologies use LED. Apart from general lighting, it is being used in indicators, computers, laptops, mobiles, LED TVs, LCD TVs, bike and car headlamps, street lights, aviation lighting, traffic signals, cameras, aquariums and many other electronic devices.

Some interesting things about LED

Normal bulbs may cause electric shock, but LEDs do not cause shock. It has shock resistance power. Mercury is one of the main causes of air pollution. It is used in CFL bulbs, due to which it is considered the cause of pollution. But LED does not use harmful mercury and is eco-friendly.

LEDs give five times more light than ordinary bulbs and much brighter than CFL bulbs. The LED bulb burns easily from 25 thousand hours to a million hours. It is so long that it can give its light for years, whereas the CFL bulb can burn for 10-15 thousand hours and the normal bulb can only burn for one to two thousand hours.

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