Home Tech Why do iron coolers make more sound than plastic coolers?

Why do iron coolers make more sound than plastic coolers?

Why do iron coolers make more sound than plastic coolers?

General Knowledge Why iron coolers make more sound than plastic coolers: In summer, a larger companion than the wings is cooler. There are two types of coolers in everyone’s house. Some houses have iron coolers and some houses have plastic coolers and both coolers have cold air, but you have noticed one thing many times that the iron There is a lot of noise while walking through the cooler and not from the plastic cooler. Why does this happen? Let us tell you why this happens.

Why do iron coolers make more sound than plastic coolers

Actually, iron coolers are often made of many iron sheets and many nuts and bolts are used to connect all those parts. Now it happens that when the cooler runs, due to the rapid frying of the motor, there is a lot of vibration in the cooler, which gradually loosens all the nuts and bolts of the cooler. Apart from this, the cooler is often placed outside the house and due to the heat outside, the cooler body also gets broken and contraction, which also loosens the bolts.

Rust in iron cooler, due to friction of nut bolt, loud sound comes

General Knowledge After this, now when the cooler runs, all the parts and nut bolts inside it collide. All these together make a sound of speeding. Apart from this, if you notice one more thing is that the water inside the cooler is full, then the cooler is of iron, due to which it causes continuous friction in all the metals after rusting. This also produces a louder sound. Apart from this, there is a reason that iron coolers are made in small factories.

Plastic coolers do not rust, things like nut bolts

So those who are not able to maintain very good quality control. This is why as iron coolers get old. They start to sound too much. Now that you know why the iron cooler makes noise, the plastic cooler does not come because the joints in it are minimal. The plastic cooler body can be easily moulded into any shape.

General Knowledge about Cooler

They are also temperature resistant and have nothing like rust. Plastic coolers are made in large companies like Symphony which pay special attention to quality and coolers are more efficient and less sound. This is why iron coolers make more noise than plastic.

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