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Which laptop is better than Apple Macbook or Microsoft Windows?

When we buy a laptop, we have many options but if we talk about OS-based option then there are only two options. These options are Windows and Apple Macbook OS (Operating System). (What is better Mac or Windows?) Between these two, we have to choose one OS. Although most people consider Windows to be beneficial, it is very difficult to recognize that both Windows and Mac are better.

What is the MacBook?

Those who do not know about the MacBook must have heard the name of the Apple company. Or iPhone Name. MacBooks are also laptops from this company which are manufactured by Apple. In this software, hardware everything is according to Apple. It is not the case that many companies are making laptops in the MacBook. In this, only Apple makes laptops.

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Windows laptop

We all know about the Windows laptop. Many companies make Windows Laptop such as Dell, HP, Laptops, Acer, Lenovo etc. The OS is Windows. And laptops of all companies work the same. There can be a slight difference in their hardware.

Difference Between Macbook and Windows Laptop

#Operating System

The biggest difference between these two laptops is the operating system. Macbooks are based on Mac OS, while Windows laptops are based on windows os. There is also a difference between the two interfaces. But running a Mac is not a difficult task for a person who has been using Mac OS from the beginning. At the same time, running a Mac can be a difficult task for a person who is running Windows because its short commands and other things are different from Windows.

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#Hardware & Design

Talking about hardware in the laptop of Macbook and Windows, it can rely more on the MacBook. Its hardware is very good. There is no problem with the Mac laptop for a long time. You can run it for a long time without shutting it down. There is also less problem like hanging in it. At the same time, Windows laptops do not match the Mac in terms of hardware. After running more software in these, they also stop working smoothly and start hanging. Talking about their design, people like the design of Mac more. (Liking its design depends on your choice.)


Talking about the software of MacBook, there is a lot of limited software available in it, but with them, your work becomes quite good. All the software of your work is available in it. Apart from this, you can work on many software in it simultaneously. You do not find any shortage of software in Windows laptop. You can also run much software simultaneously, but sometimes your laptop starts hanging due to lack of RAM or due to other reasons. On using more heavy software, it works slowly.


In case of security in MacBook and Windows, MacBook wins. When a virus comes in any computer or laptop, then its path becomes the Internet and free software found on it. The MacBook does a thorough investigation before installing any software. Only then gives permission to install it. Windows software is free on the Internet where hackers break your security by putting a small file of their own. However, if you use the Internet on Windows, then you can avoid hackers through antivirus and protect your laptop.

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The difference you see between these two is not because Mac is the best and it makes good products. All this difference between these two is due to the price. Macbook spares you a lot get on Its starting price is only about 93 thousand rupees. Above this, the price goes up to Rs 2 to 3 lakhs. If you get so much security and features at such a price, then there is no big deal. However, people who are fond of Apple know very well about it.

Talking about the price of a Windows laptop, they start from 15 thousand rupees. Above this, they go from 3 to 4 lakh rupees. Windows allows you to offer a laptop at a lower cost. You can use the laptop according to your usage in Windows. For example, if you just want a laptop to watch a movie, listen to music, make a presentation, then you can take a laptop of up to 15 thousand, but if you want to play a heavy game, then you can take a laptop between 1 to 2 lakh.

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Which laptop to buy?

If you are a fan of Apple, do not take the Windows laptop because you will see many flaws in it. But if you are a fan of Windows laptop then you may find it very expensive to take Apple laptop because it will take time to understand its interface, you will not get everything for free and you will see a lot of limitations in it. If you run Windows, then you should think ten times before buying a MacBook.

If those running Windows have the budget to buy a MacBook and are not fond of playing games, then they can get a MacBook. You do not play games well on a MacBook because the MacBook is designed for professional work. With its help you Video Editing Adi can be hanged very easily. Apart from this, the durability of these laptops is also very good. But keep in mind that if there are any defects in them and they are not in warranty then you have to spend a lot to repair them.

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