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WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: which app is best in terms of features, security and privacy, know details

Which platform, privacy, security etc. features are better in WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram features, security, data privacy: WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. After this, many users have expressed concern about the company’s sharing of data with Facebook and its affiliates. Many people are also looking at the options of WhatsApp after the introduction of new privacy policy. For example, the popularity of the Signal app has increased after being promoted by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Both telegram and signal are seen as the best options of WhatsApp. But the question arises as to which platform, security, security etc. features are better from WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.



WhatsApp has a group chat feature with up to 256 people. It has support for both voice and video calls, including both individual and group chat. However, in group video calls you can include up to eight users at a time. Apart from this, the status feature is also available on WhatsApp.

You can share all types of files and documents on WhatsApp, but it has a size limit. The limit for photo, video and audio files is 16 MB. However, documents can be up to 100 MB. You can also share a live location with a contact.


End to end encryption was introduced in 2016 on WhatsApp. All your messages, video calls, voice calls, photos and anything you share on this platform will be end to end encrypted. However, WhatsApp does not provide encryption on backup (cloud or local). Also, it does not do this on metadata. These are the biggest criticisms of the security model of WhatsApp. Where, due to metadata, no one can read your message, it tells the company who you messaged to whom, when and for how long.

There have been some bad cases about privacy on WhatsApp, in which, recently, group chat is being indexed on Google search.

Data privacy

WhatsApp also collects device ID, user ID, advertising data, shopping history, phone number, email address, contact, crash data, product-related interactions, performance data, payment information, customer support, other user content in your data. .



Messaging, voice and video calls are available on the signal. You can also create a group. Recently, group calling has also been supported on this. The best feature on this is Note to Self. You can send a note to yourself on this. Emoji and some privacy stickers will also be available on this, but they are quite limited compared to WhatsApp and Telegram.


There is end to end encryption on this platform, which means that no third party or signal can read your message. Signal’s protocol is open source, which is even better. Signal does not support third party backup either. All data is stored on the device and if your device goes bad and you use the signal on another phone, then your previous chat history will be lost.

Data privacy

The main priority of the signal is user privacy. The app does not collect any user data. The app will store only your phone number.

WhatsApp updates the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Account will have to be deleted if consent is not given



Like WhatsApp, it gets basic features like chat, group chat etc. However, the limit of people joining the group on this is up to 200,000. Polls, quizzes, hashtags etc. are also available in it. The size limit for sharing files on the app is 1.5 GB. The app now offers voice and video calling for both Android and iOS devices.


Telegram is encrypted and open source. However, it does not have end to end encryption on normal chats like Signal and WhatsApp. If you use the secret chat feature on telegram, then it is safe and will not be saved. You can also set a timer to eliminate these secret chat messages.

Data privacy

Data collected by telegram includes name, phone number, contact and user ID.

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