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WhatsApp has claimed that its platform is secure and all chats are end to end encrypted

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is being used by millions of users worldwide. Therefore the security of this messaging platform is very important. The instant messaging platform owned by Facebook has stated many times that all chats on WhatsApp are secure and cannot be accessed by any third party. However, in some recent incidents, WhatsApp chats of popular Bollywood stars have been seen leaking. This has caused concern about the privacy of chats between WhatsApp users. WhatsApp has claimed that its platform is secure and all chats are end to end encrypted.

WhatsApp also cannot access chat?

WhatsApp spokesperson said that the platform protects your message with end to end encryption so that only you and the person you are talking with can read the message. In the meantime, no one can access it, including WhatsApp. He further said that people sign up on WhatsApp using only the phone number on WhatsApp and WhatsApp does not have access to their message content.

However, users should be aware that WhatsApp backup which includes chats, documents and all other media files is on Google Drive on Android phones and iCloud on iPhones and has nothing to do with WhatsApp. WhatsApp spokesperson said that he follows the guidance given by the operating system manufacturer on on-device storage.

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Chat backup not encrypted

It is worth noting that backups of these files and chats on Google Drive and iCloud are not end-to-end encrypted on Google Drive and iCloud which means that they can be accessed by others. The spokesperson said that WhatsApp encourages users to use all the security features provided by the operating system, which prevents the stored data from being accessed.

WhatsApp said in a blog post on end to end encryption that WhatsApp said that this ensures that only you and the person you are sending the message to can read it. Your messages are secured with a lock and only to whom it is sent and you have a special key to unlock and read the message. Every WhatsApp chat has a security code which is used to verify the end-to-end encryption in the calls and messages sent in it.

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