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WhatsApp Chats Leak: the phone is exposing you without your knowledge!

WhatsApp Chat Leak: Sushant Singh Rajput In the drug case related to the death case, gradually many secrets of the Bollywood world are coming out. Recently, Narcotics Control Bureau i.e. NCB had issued a summons for questioning Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone) on the basis of 2017 WhatsApp Chat in the drugs case.

The chats have been taken from Talent Manager Jaya Shah’s mobile, but the thing to note here is that when the chats were deleted, the question is that how the WhatsApp chats were retrieved?

In such a situation, questions are arising whether these chats have been obtained through mobile phone cloning. If WhatsApp chats are encrypted, then WhatsApp privacy has started to be questioned when it comes to mobile cloning.

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What is mobile cloning?

In your mind, this question must be arising that what is mobile cloning, after this, the data of the phone being cloned and cellular identity is copied to the new mobile.

Explain that privately cloning phones is illegal. Authorities legally resort to forensics for data access of a user’s phone. Explain that in this whole process, transfer of IMEI number is also enabled.

Programming skills are required for mobile cloning and then within a few minutes, the entire data of one phone is copied to another device. Earlier, if the data had to be copied, then it was necessary to take the phone in hand, but as the world of smartphones is getting advanced, now this need has also ended. Yes, phone cloning can be done using only the app and it is worth noting that even without touching the phone.

As soon as the cloning process is completed, the old phone’s WhatsApp Chats can be accessed in the new phone through the Recent Backup Store in the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud).

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WhatsApp Chats is encrypted but not backed up

One thing to note is that WhatsApp chats are encrypted end-to-end. But this is not the case with WhatsApp Backup, they are not encrypted by the company. In a FAQ post of WhatsApp, it has been clearly mentioned that the phone’s backup is connected to the phone number and Google account. This means that no one can easily obtain chat from your backup. However, in phone cloning, chats can be transferred via recent backup.

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Learn what WhatsApp said in this case

With mobile cloning, many questions were arising in the minds of users, in such a case, WhatsApp came forward and said that chats are always safe with end-to-end encrypted. This means that only the person with whom you are chatting can read the chat.

WhatsApp says that the company follows the instructions given by the operating system manufacturers for on-device storage. WhatsApp says that users should use all security features provided by the operating system such as strong passwords, biometric IDs so that no third-party can access the store content in your device.

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