Home Tech What is Windows 10, how is it better than Windows 7?

What is Windows 10, how is it better than Windows 7?

What is Windows 10, how is it better than Windows 7?

To run any computer, it is very important to have an operating system in it. If you talk about the whole world, the operating system running on the most computer is Windows. People around the world use many versions of Windows like Windows 7, 8 and 10. Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Windows which is being used the most nowadays. Since its launch, it has been a matter of curiosity among the people. Many people are still running Old Windows Version and they want to take Windows 10 but they do not have the right knowledge of Windows 10.

What is Windows 10? What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft which was introduced on 29 July 2015 for common users. This is the operating system after Windows 8. Ever since the announcement of discontinuing the update of Windows 7, people have started moving towards Windows 10. Windows 10 is a safe and single-platform operating system. This means that an operating system can run with many devices. You can use it from Computer-Laptop to Mobile Phone-Tablet, Gaming Device, Internet of Things.

Different Types of Windows 10

Windows 10 is not just an operating system but it also has different types. These types are designed keeping in mind your needs.

Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 is designed keeping in mind the common users. All its features can be used by every consumer. It can be used in computers, laptops, tablets. Windows Start Button has been added to the desktop like Windows 7. And Microsoft Edge is made for safe and simple to browse the Internet.

Windows 10 pro windows 10 pro

The only advanced type of Windows 10 is Windows 10 Pro. It is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. You can use it in laptop, PC and tablet. Windows Pro has some advanced features that make small business more secure, faster and efficient. Device and app management are more efficient in this edition. Apart from this, it also guarantees to keep your data secure. Cloud technology is also supported in this.

Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise has been developed to meet the needs of medium and large businesses. It provides powerful and advanced capability to protect the confidential data of device and app from modern threats. In this you get Advanced Feature and you can access them immediately when the update comes.

Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Education

Large use of computers is also used in education and its needs are different from others. To meet these needs of the education sector, Microsoft has made Windows 10 Education Version available. It is mainly designed to cater to the needs of school staff, administrative officers, teachers and students.

Windows 10 mobile windows 10 mobile

Mobile use is more than computers in the world. Windows 10 Mobile also has smartphones and smaller Tablets Designed to be used in. Windows believes that the experience of Windows 10 on both Device and Mobile should be the same for the user. That is, the way you use it on a computer, you can use it on mobile as well.

Windows 10 IoT Core

The concept of the Internet of Things has also become true in our world. Electronic Device is now turning into a smart device. For this, Windows 10 has launched Windows 10 IoT Core Edition. It will be used in wearable devices, POS machines, Robots, ATMs etc.

Microsoft Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 has many new features that make it new and advanced.

Start Menu

Microsoft removed the start button in its previous edition i.e. Windows 8. To rectify this mistake, Windows has introduced its Trademark start button in a new avatar at the same place. It is more stylized and easier than before. Now users enjoy running Windows, which used to come before.

Windows Live Tiles

Like the previous edition, live tiles have been given in Windows 10. These live tiles are hidden in the Start Menu give you a different experience. Their enjoyment is very much on the Touch Screen Device.

Multiple Desktops

There are many people who work in many programs simultaneously. The requirements of each program vary. In such a situation, a lot of file and folder are also made on the same desktop and a lot of khichdi is cooked. To get rid of this, multiple Desktops have been given in Windows 10. You can open a type of program and open it on different desktops.

Windows Hello

Keeping any computer safe is a huge task because it contains a lot of sensitive data. Even today many are protected with the help of Computer Password, but it is quite easy to break them, so Windows has given new and advanced ways to secure computers. You can make your computer public through Windows Hello. This is a Biometric Lock that opens using your fingerprints, eyes pupils and face.

Windows 10 continuum

There are many people who work together on mobile and computer. They convert mobile devices into computers. For this, a feature named Windows Continuum Application has been given in Windows 10. Through this, Windows 10 Mobile can be connected to a computer and used as a computer.

Microsoft edge

There are many search engines to search on the Internet. But this time Microsoft has brought Edge Browser. It is a brand new, fast and safe browser. You can use it with any version of Windows as well as use it in Android Device.

Cortana Voice assistant

You must have seen Google Assistant in Android Device, which you say ‘Hello Google’, then it is present in your service. Similarly, ‘Siri’ is there on the iPhone. Now Microsoft has also given a voice assistant ‘Cortana’. It helps you in the same way as the Google Assistant does.

Important specifications for Windows 10

People have a dilemma about Windows 10 whether it will be installed on their old computer or not. So the simple answer to this is if your computer has those essential things that are required for Windows 10, then it will be installed in your computer or laptop. To install it, your computer must have this necessary specification.

Processor: CPU of 1 GHz (Gigahertz) or more

Ram: 1 GB for 32 Bit and 2 GB for 64 Bit

Hard Disk: 16 GB for 32 Bit, 20 GB for 64 Bit

Graphics Card: With Direct X 9 or older Windows Display Driver Model 1.0.

Windows 10 price

The price of Windows 10 depends directly on your needs. The kind of Windows 10 you want will be worth it. The price of different types of Windows 10 is as per their website.

The price of Windows 10 Home is Rs 9299.

The price of Windows 10 Pro is Rs 14,799.

The price of Windows 10 Pro for Workstation is Rs 22,799.

Where to buy windows 10?

Many people do the work of taking Windows 10 with the hardware of their acquaintance or the computer repairman. But keep in mind, there is also a risk of getting a Pirated Window from here. If you want to buy a genuine and genuine Windows 10, then go to its website Shop Windows and buy it directly. From here you can buy it online. After this, if you want, get it installed by someone you know. If you know how to install, you can do it yourself, but if you do not know, do not run the risk of installing it. Get it installed with some information only.

How is Windows 10 better than Windows 7?

Windows 10 is a better and advanced version of the Operating System. Those who use Windows computers will know that Microsoft has stopped the support of Windows 7, so after some time your data will not be safe. If you face any problem in running Windows 7, then Microsoft will not be able to help you. Windows 10 is a new, advanced feature, secure operating system. This is an OS to keep you advanced with changing times. Its features cater to your current needs and keep you ready for the future.