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What is Microsoft Office 365, Advantage Feature Information?

People using a computer must know about MS Office. In fact, Microsoft Office is an important part of any computer. With its help, you can do many important things such as. In MS Office you get software like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint which is very useful. A new version of MS office is MS Office 365.

What is MS Office 365?

MS office 365 is a software that is an advanced version of MS Office. In this also you get software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Now you must be thinking that when all this was getting in it then what was the need to bring a new version. So this is the new version, in which you get everything online. Whatever data you create, whatever file you create on MS Office, it all gets saved online. You can access it from anywhere and edit from anywhere.

Office 365 is a web-based computing service and is a Microsoft product. It is hosted on a cloud server. Earlier, you were able to save the file you had created in MS Office on your computer. If you have to take them somewhere else, then you have to keep them in a Pen Drive or a Storage Device, but in Office 365 you can access these files from anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365 features

1) You can save a file to the cloud in it and many people can work on the same file. Just like you have made a PowerPoint presentation and you have to show it to another person who wants to make some changes in it, then at the same time, he can change it by looking at it himself.

2) Sometimes we send some file by mail, we have to attach it to send it. If you do not want to attach it to the mail, then you can upload that file to Cloud Storage and share its link with people. Only those people to whom you give permission will be able to access that file.

3) In MS Office 365 you can convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF (Portable Document Format) Can change to You do not need any other software for this. It is quite a sample to convert to PDF. Later, if you want to make any changes in the PDF, you can convert it again to Word or some other format.

4) One of its special features is that you are working on a Word file or Excel file. After that, it starts from where you stopped working on it. It will not be such that it starts you from the first page. You will start it from where you finished it.

5) MS Office 365 is a cloud service. All data is saved on the cloud, so the company gives you space to save your data, which you use. On behalf of the company, you get 50GB of storage per email. You can save emails, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, attachments.

6) You can reply without opening Email in Office 365 Outlook. In this, you get a preview feature in which you can see with a cursory view what is in the mail? Whether you want to open the mail or not. You can replicate directly by seeing this.

7) To upload the file on it you need the Internet. But if you never have internet, there is nothing to worry about. Once it is synced with your device, you can create and save the file. After this, whenever the internet comes into your device, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

8) The most amazing feature of Office 365 is that you can access your file anywhere and from any computer. To access them, all you need is internet and mobile or computer.

Benefits of MS 365

Office 365 is substantially advanced than the earlier MS Office and has many advantages.

– Its biggest advantage is that you do not have to buy it to install it again and again. If you are using it for yourself, then you do not have to pay any charge for it. You can download and use it by going directly to the play store.

– You can use it anywhere, just you should have internet and device. In the previous version, you had to move the file with you. Here you can log in directly with the help of your account and access your file and edit them from anywhere.

– If you want to use it for your business then you get Office 365 Business Plan. Which has many different types of features? You can take this subscription for them.

– In this, your data is on the cloud, in such a situation, every person is afraid that his data is not going to anyone else. In-Office 365, your data is very secure. No one can access the information here without your permission.

Office 365 is a good option if you have a lot of people working together on Word, PowerPoint or Excel. But there is a drawback in this. If you do not have internet, then it is of no use to you. Without the internet, it is exactly like the old MS Office. So if you have internet, you should use it otherwise do not. Through the internet, you will be able to work on the file online.

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