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What is Chingari App? How to download and use?

Tiktok app has been discontinued in India, but still, the addiction of Tiktok users or short videos of people has not come down. In such a situation, they are looking for an app on which they can create short videos like Tiktok. Therefore, the Chingari app is gaining popularity very fast in recent times. Do you know what is Chingari app and who created it, how to download and use Chingari app? If not, in this article you will get complete information about the short video Chingari app of India.

The Indian government had banned more than 50 Chinese apps, one of the most popular was Tiktok. Tiktok had made people crazy in the past but today Tiktok has been completely closed in India. In such a situation, TikTok users are looking for an Indian app on which they can create short videos like Tiktok and can entertain their heart.

On such an occasion, the Chingari App has emerged as the best friend for Tiktok users. Yes, this app is now replacing Tiktok and is becoming very popular among people. After the Tiktok ban, the Chingari app has joined Trending apps.

In this post, we will give you what is Chingari app? Who made it, how to download the Chingari app, how to use it, etc. are explained in detail. If you are also fond of making short videos, then you will like this app very much.

What is Chingari App?

Chingari is an Indian short video app on which you can make short lip sync videos like Tiktok. This app is being compared to Tiktok and it is also being called the Desi version of TikTok. The Chingarile app has been created by Vishwatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam, who hail from Bengaluru. He says that Chingari is an Indian app designed specifically for the Indian people. Apart from English and -, this app is also available in many other languages ​​such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu etc.

On the Chingarile app, you can watch videos in addition to uploading short videos. Not only this, you can also play games on this app. Also, you will be updated daily on this app with the latest news. The best thing about the Chingari app is that you can earn money from your videos by making videos on it.

Who created the Chingari app?

This is an Indian short video app i.e. Made in India. Vishwatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam, a resident of Chingari App Bangalore, have developed. Let me tell you, this app was launched in June 2018 but at that time this app was not that popular, but after all the Chinese app, especially Tiktok ban, this app is becoming the most popular in short videos and millions of people Have downloaded. This is an app through which you can show your talent in front of the world.

How to use the Chingari app?

By now you would have known about your Chingari app, what is the Chingari app, who created it etc. If you want to make short videos using this app, then you have to install this app in your smartphone. For this you follow this step.

How to download Chingari App?

  1. First of all go to Google Play Store in your phone and search Chingari App.
  2. Install the Chingari app and open it.
  3. Click on the accept button terms and conditions of this app.
  4. Select your language.
  5. Registration has to be done by entering your name and mobile number.
  6. After registering, an OTP number will appear on your number. Enter OTP Number.
  7. After entering OTP, you will be able to access the homepage of this app.
  8. Where you will see three options, (Video, Trending, Feeds) through which you can see the Chingari app video.
  9. If you want to create a video, you can create your video by going to the option of Create post.

On this app you can create and share your videos. Additionally, you can also add various filters, songs and games etc. to your video. You can also like, share and download videos of the Chingari app.


In this article, we told you about the Chingari app. Like, what is a Chingari app? Who created it, how to download and use the Chingari app, etc. We hope that after reading this article completely, you will get to know a lot about the Chingari app.

Apart from this, if you still want any more information about the Chingari app or you have any question related to it, you can ask us in the comment.


Source: www.supportmeindia.com

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