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UC Browser and Tiktok’s native alternative is iC Browser, these 3 things will be available to the user in a single app

Following the border dispute with China in the Galvan Valley, the Indian government has so far banned 224 Chinese Apps. Banned Chinese apps include many popular apps such as UC Browser and Tiktok. Indian users are now looking for native options of these popular apps, in view of this, many companies are launching native options of these Chinese apps.

Recently, a former employee of the Tata company has created an app under the self-sufficient India mission in which Indian users will get both browser and short video features in a single app. This homegrown alternative to UC browser is called iC Browser. This app has three things for the users to work, browser, short video and news.

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Who has made this iC Browser?

For the information of the people, let me tell you that this iC Browser app has been developed by Arpit Seth, a software engineer working for years in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This native browser has been launched in PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Benaras.

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Features of iC Browser

IC browser has been designed to prevent data theft from Chinese apps and a special feature of this native browser is that its server is in India, so there is no possibility of data leaking.

Let us tell you about some special features of the app, let us know that this information is based on the information given in the IC Browser app on the Google Play Store. Let me tell you that this app is for Android users, this app is rated 4.7 on Google Play Store.

  1. Turbo Browser Experience is found in multiple tabs.
  2. Powerful ad blocker in IC browser.
  3. IC browser is fast, secure and easy to use the app.
  4. Web pages load faster in the browser.
  5. This native browser provides high class, safety and security.
  6. In this app also, users will get Icognition Mode for private browsing.
  7. Users can bookmark their favourite site.
  8. Reader Mode (Night Mode) will be found in the app to read content at night.
  9. To search any keyword in any web page, then find in page option has also been given.
  10. If users want a desktop experience in mobile, then this app will also get desktop mode.
  11. Can add shortcuts on the home screen for fast access.
  12. Users can use Light and Dark themes within the app as per their choice.

As soon as you open the app, three options will appear at the bottom of the screen, the first browser, then short video in the middle and then news.

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for the short video feature

You can use the browser easily, but to use the short-video feature, you have to sign in. The user interface of the app is quite simple. Can create, edit and share videos.

iC Browser App: Know the details related to the app (Photo- Google Play Store / App)

Users will be able to see different videos by swiping up and down. Remember that after the ban of TikTok, Instagram also integrated the short video feature Reels in the app itself for its users.

This is how to use short news feature

Apart from the browser, short video feature, the third option is the short news feature. Here the user will see the news of different sections and if you want to read any news in detail, then for this you will have to click on the headings of the news, by doing this, the whole news will be exposed to you.

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