The world's richest person played a bet, gave a $2 billion discount offer to NASA to get the Moon mission contract

The world’s richest man played a bet, gave a $2 billion discount offer to NASA to get the Moon mission contract

In fact, in April, the contract for the Human Landing System (HLS) worth $ 2.9 billion has been awarded to SpaceX. But due to the ongoing space war with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos has made this offer to NASA.

Jeff Bezos

After returning from his first space trip, Amazon founder and Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos has offered US space agency NASA a $2 billion discount for manned space missions. He wrote a letter to NASA, offering that if his company is allowed to build a moon lander, then he will give a discount of 2 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos has proposed this to NASA because of the ongoing space war with Elon Musk. In fact, the $2.9 billion Human Landing System (HLS) contract was awarded to SpaceX in April, but Blue Origin and a third company named Dianetics have filed protests against NASA with the Accountability Office (GAO) and are awaiting a decision. are doing.

Blue Origin will waive all payments up to $2 billion

Bezos said in an open letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson that his company would close the US space agency’s near-term budgetary shortfall and produce a safe and durable lander that would help Americans reach the surface of the Moon. will do. Bezos wrote, I believe this mission is important. I am honored to offer these contributions. I am grateful to my financial condition for being able to do this.

In the letter, Bezos said that Blue Origin will bridge the HLS budgetary funding shortfall by waiving all payments of up to $2 billion in the current and next two government fiscal years to get the program back on track. Blue Origin will accept a fixed price contract for this work. It will also cover any system development cost overruns, and keep NASA away from partner cost escalation concerns.

Blue Origin accused NASA

The US space agency was expected to have two lunar lander prototypes (including one from Blue Origin), but funding cuts from the US Congress have prompted the agency to choose SpaceX over Blue Origin. In the 175-page protest, Blue Origin accused NASA of misrepresenting several parts of the proposal for its lunar lander called Blue Moon.

Musk has responded to Blue Origin’s protest with a tweet, saying it is not eligible to take the lunar lander aloft. The contract is part of NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024 as a step for the first manned mission to Mars.

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