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Telegram Privacy Features: Do you know these 10 features of Telegram? 6.3 crore downloads in January

In January 2021, there were 6.3 crore downloads of the Telegram app, of which about 21 percent were from India only.

Telegram benefited the most from the controversy caused by WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Currently Telegram is the most famous messaging app in the world and in the month of January 2021, it was the most non-gaming downloaded app. In January 2021, the app had 6.3 crore downloads, of which about 21 percent were from India only. Telegram founder Pavel Durov, who is emerging as an alternative to Whatsapp, has been constantly in discussion about its privacy policy. Telegram provides many such features and tools to its users, due to which it is coming out as a more secure option. Talking about its special features, it not only has the feature of secret chat but also has the feature of setting the time to delete your account.

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Telegram features

  • Lock chats Users can lock their chats on Telegram. After the feature, the chat can be opened through pin code or fingerprint sensor. To enable this feature, go to Settings and go to Privacy and Security and click on Passcode Lock.
  • Secret Chats Telegram’s default chats are not encrypted end-to-end and can therefore be opened simultaneously on multiple devices such as mobile-laptops. However, there is also the facility of secret chats on Telegram which is encrypted end-to-end, that is, no one can see it except the sender and receiver, not even Telegram. Secret chats can only be viewed on one system, meaning that these chats will not be visible on multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Self Destructing Media – Earlier this feature was available only on secret chats on Telegram but now after the recent update, this feature can also be used in regular chats. Under this feature, to send a chat with a timer, open your gallery and choose the image or video to send. After this, click on the icon of the stopwatch made with crop, edit etc. under the media (image or video). Here you can set the time after which it will disappear from media chat.
  • Two-step verification- After enabling this feature on the Telegram app, whenever you log in on a new system, you will need to enter a password in addition to OTP (One Time Password). To enable this feature, go to Privacy and Security in Settings and click on Two-Step Verification.
  • Proxy Servers – Telegram also supports proxy servers. Through this, users can hide their IP address. It acts like a VPN connection in one way but its one advantage is that it does not affect internet speed. To set up the proxy server, click Proxy Settings in Data and Storage in Settings.
  • Delete the message of the sender Telegram users can delete not only their chat but also the chat sent by the sender. Through this, users can delete messages in one-to-one chats. This can prove to be beneficial in the event that someone’s device is stolen and they want to delete the Confidential messages from chat. To delete the message of the sender, long press on it and click on the delete icon. Any old message in Telegram can be deleted.
  • Who can add to the group- To be added to the group on the Telegram app, the approval of the users is required. Users can set who can add them to any group. The biggest advantage of this is that no unknown person can add to an unknown group just by acquiring contacts. For this, go to Privacy and Security in Settings and click on the group. Here you have to set the contact, then the person who will be saved in your contacts can add you to any group on Telegram. Apart from this, blacklist or whitelist can be prepared for giving or not giving this approval to anyone in contacts.
  • Clear payment and shipping info Users can pay through Telegram Bots in Telegram Business accounts. However, even after payment and after receiving the product, the bits remain in it. To remove it, go to Privacy and Security in Settings and click on Clear Payment and Shipping Info. This will delete all the data related to payment and shipping in one chat.
  • Facility of viewing and disabling of active telegram sessions- Telegram can run on one device simultaneously. In such a situation, users may find it difficult to remember on which system their account is logged in or had been previously. If there is no misuse about it, then by looking at the active sessions, you can find out which system is not under the control of the user. To see this, go to Privacy and Security in Settings and click on Active Sessions. If any session is currently logged in, which you want to close, click on it and then click on Terminate.
  • Delete my account timer If you do not use Telegram actively, you can set a fixed time and if you do not use Telegram by that time, your account will be deleted. For this, go to Privacy and Storage in the Users Settings and click on Delete My Account. Here users get the option to choose the time interval of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year according to their convenience.

These new features will soon be available on WhatsApp, you will be able to mute before sharing videos

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