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Special Changes made from WhatsApp 6 New Features Video Call to Status

WhatsApp Messaging App is the most used Chatting App worldwide, especially in India. However, it would be wrong to just call it a chatting app because you can do a lot more than chatting with it. WhatsApp has made some changes in the lockdown environment in view of the convenience of its users. If you run WhatsApp, then you should know what is the new feature on WhatsApp and whether new WhatsApp updates have come (WhatsApp 6 New Features). WhatsApp has done special 6 updates in the app in the last few days.

WhatsApp Group Video Call Limit Increased

Apart from chatting, you can also make video calls through WhatsApp. If seen, there is a very good video calling through WhatsApp due to which most people WhatsApp Video calling is considered appropriate on this. In WhatsApp, you could do video calling with 4 people at once, but after the update, you can do video calling with 8 people. Previously, if you wanted to do video calling to many people, then you had to add them one by one, but now you can add 8 people to Video Calling at once.

Forward Limit Increased

WhatsApp is a medium where you can spread information to other people at a fast pace, but in India, it was being used more to spread false and misleading information. Due to this, the limit of Message Forward was first reduced on WhatsApp. Earlier its limit used to be 30 people but later WhatsApp made a rule to forward 5 people in the bar. Now due to the corona lockdown, WhatsApp has kept the forward for only 1 person. You can forward the message to only one person at a time.

Fingerprint Lock

Pattern Lock and Password were used to lock WhatsApp till now but now you can lock it through Fingerprint. To lock your WhatsApp with the help of a fingerprint, go to Setting, then go to Privacy. Here you Fingerprint Option to lock will appear. Click on it Here you have to scan your finger and your fingerprint lock will be set. After this, whenever you open your WhatsApp you will need a finger. No person will be able to open your WhatsApp without your fingerprint.

Call Waiting Support

Earlier, when you were talking to someone on a calling and a call came on WhatsApp, you did not see it coming. You could not retrieve it at that time. But now WhatsApp has got rid of this problem by updating. Now in WhatsApp, while talking on the call with any person, you can also retrieve the call on WhatsApp. That means if a person’s Call Whatsapp But if it comes, it will not bite unless you cut it.

Group Privacy System

On Whatsapp’s platform, you will be connected to many groups. These groups will belong to people you know. Like your friends, relatives etc. But many times it happens that someone adds you to any WhatsApp group where you do not want to join. In such a situation, you get upset with the message coming from the group for some time and after that, you are exit (Left) from that WhatsApp group.

But WhatsApp has brought such a feature that now a person who does not know you will not be able to add you to any Whatsapp group. You will be able to add the same person to the Whatsapp Group who will be involved in your contact. For this, you will have to change your WhatsApp settings a little bit. After this, go to Account. After Privacy, go to Groups. Click on the group and here you are asked who can add you to the group. Now, according to your choice, choose one option.

Change in Whatsapp Status

The status you upload daily on WhatsApp. He used to be 30 seconds earlier. It has now been reduced by updating. Now you only up to 15 Second WhatsApp Video Status Can put in That is, you can now insert a short time video. But you can put as many videos as you want here.

So these were the new features of WhatsApp which WhatsApp has updated in the last few days. Some of these features will benefit you and some of the social world. Many of you may have had trouble with WhatsApp’s 15-second Status Feature, Forward Option may have had problems, but WhatsApp has done all this very thoughtfully (Whatsapp Tips and Tricks), so instead of getting upset, the time of these options -Use timely and correct use.

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