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Samsung launches new range of Wind-Free ACs, equipped with PM 1.0 filters


These new ACs are available on both offline retail and online channels.

Samsung has launched a new range of Wind-Free ACs in India. Under this, India’s first such air conditioners have been launched, which have PM 1.0 filtering capacity. With this help, these new Samsung AC can filter dust particles up to 0.3-micron size. Also, through the electrostatic charger, you can sterilize viruses and bacteria. The new Samsung Wind-Free ACs will be available in three models 1-Way Cassette, 4-Way Cassette and 360 Cassette.

Their prices start from Rs 90,000 + GST. These new ACs are available on both offline retail and online channels. These new Samsung ACs have been designed to provide clean and clean air to homes as well as to hospitals, hotels, malls, restaurants and retail. The Samsung Wind-Free AC is Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with advanced sensors.

Three-way filter

These new Wind Free ACs have 4 step displays, PM 1.0 sensors and 3 different types of filters. The pre filter separates large particles of dust, the deodorization filter removes unwanted odors such as cigarette smoke, food smells, etc. and the PM 1.0 filter removes superfluous particles of dust up to 0.3 microns with the help of an electrostatic charger. . Sterilization performance of these ACs is certified by Intertek. Intertek is a UK multinational insurance, inspection, product testing and certification company.

Next Generation Wind-Free ACs can be operated remotely. They can also reduce air pollution. This new range of Samsung AC is available in three-panel variants. These variants are like this…

– 1-way Cassette for unilateral airflow
– 4-way Cassette for synchronized air flow in four directions
– 360 Cassette for Omni-directional air flow

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Filters can be washed and reused

The PM 1.0 filter of the new Samsung AC can be washed and reused. This will give customers relief from the additional expenses incurred on changing the filter. With Samsung’s Wind-Free Cooling Technology, cold air is not directly applied to your skin and you get effective cooling experience. Once the temperature is set the wind free cooling technology spreads the cold air through micro air holes up to 15000. Its advanced airflow cools the room quickly.

Option to install ionizer

An option to install ionizer has been given in the new Samsung Wind-Free AC range. The ionizer generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions, which reduces biological constituents and reacts to oxygen. The process of removing harmful elements is completely harmless to the human body. Ionizers help improve air quality by neutralizing the viruses and bacteria present in the air.


Source: www.financialexpress.com

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