Home Tech Now create your virtual visiting card through Google and increase your online access

Now create your virtual visiting card through Google and increase your online access

Now create your virtual visiting card through Google and increase your online access

In today’s era of innovation and technology, everyone is trying to build their online presence, whether it is a businessman or an artist, trainer or a common man. Many people have been trying to do this through websites and social media accounts for many years. But now Google has brought a solution to their problem.

Google has recently rolled out a new feature, named Virtual Card. Now any professional, influencer, entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed person can easily register his or her business or startup’s online presence through these virtual cards.

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The company on Tuesday, August 12 in India Google People Cards The Virtual Visiting Card feature has been launched. Currently, users can only view and create virtual visiting cards in English language. Currently, this feature is only available on Android, iOS-based smartphones.

What is Google virtual card?

Google’s launch of the Google People Cards feature for Virtual Visiting Cards is aimed at making the online presence of any person or his business very reasonable, simple, accessible and consolidated, as well as helping those who are that person or his business Searching for In such a situation, through this feature, those people will get authentic information about that person.

Google People Cards are just like virtual visiting cards and can help a person uncover websites and social media profiles that they want others to know about them, as well as other important information. , Which they want to give.

How secure is it?

With this feature, Google said in a statement that they hope to ensure that users can find reliable and useful information on their search engine. Therefore, the tech giant has put in place several security and controls to maintain the quality of information available on such visiting cards.

One of the security measures is that only one visiting card can be created using a Google account. In addition, the phone number on the card will need to be authenticated. Apart from this, Google has also put in place a system to protect users against spam or abusive content. If users feel that a card is made by an impersonator, then they can report it to Google through the feedback link.

Users also have the option to remove their virtual card, if they feel that people do not see their card on the search engine, they can also remove it.

How does it work

When a user tries to search for a person on Google, these virtual visiting cards make it easy to search quickly as well as to find the right person. If a user is looking for someone who has a virtual card, then they will see a module which will have that person’s name, occupation and location and tap this module to see the person’s virtual card. Can.

In the case of multiple users with the same name, multiple modules will be available. This will allow the user to differentiate between different people with the same name and in such a way will be able to search the one who is searching.

How to make your own virtual card

On google ‘people card’ It is very easy to make, it is just a matter of few clicks. Here we are going to tell you how you can take advantage of this special new feature of Google by creating your virtual visiting card.


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  • On the internet browser in a smartphone, the user has to log in to their Google account.
  • Go to Google search and type in the username or ‘add me to search’ Type. After this, users will see the prompt, click on it.
  • To create a people card, users can use the image on their Google account, select their details, their social media profile and website links, and if they wish, select the phone number and email ID. Remember, the more information you provide on your virtual visiting card, the easier it will be for people to see them.
  • Once you fill all these details, you ‘preview’ You will have to click on it to know how your visiting card will look. If you are satisfied with the result, then visit the visiting card ‘Save’ can do. As soon as the visiting card goes live on Google, you will see ‘Success’ The message will appear.

So what are you waiting for now … You can also make your virtual visiting card, increase your online access to the world and take advantage of it.