Indians spend 4.9 hours on the phone every day, know what number India is in the world

Brazil and Indonesia top the world in terms of the average maximum time spent on the phone, people here spend an average of 5.3 hours on the phone every day.

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In this era of corona epidemic, the use of smartphones is increasing rapidly. Most of us are in homes and hence the use of phones has also increased a lot. Talking about India, India ranks third in terms of spending the most time on smartphones. At the same time, Brazil and Indonesia are in first and second place respectively, who spend the most time on their devices on average. This information has been given in a new report. Until last year, Brazil was the second country in the world with the most smartphone usage, after Indonesia, which now ranks second with an average of 5.3 hours of smartphone usage per day.

India is followed by South Korea (4.8 hours), Mexico (4.7 hours), Turkey (4.5 hours), Japan (4.4 hours), Canada (4.1 hours), with an average daily smartphone usage time of 4.9 hours, as reported by ZDNet. , America (3.9 hours) and UK (3.8 hours) comes. A separate report on global trends by App Annie also highlights areas of growth within the mobile app landscape.

When it comes to the depth of engagement among the top social networking apps, the study states that WhatsApp has been the most used app in Brazil with an average of 30.3 hours per month in 2020, compared to 26.2 hours in 2019.

Notably, TikTok usage in Brazil was recorded at 14 hours in 2020 compared to 6.8 hours in 2019. It is growing faster than Facebook which was 15.6 hours per month in 2020 while in 2019 it was 14 hours per month. Talking about the time spent on Instagram, in 2020 it was 14 hours while in 2019 it is 11.5 hours. At the same time, the time of using Twitter has also increased. In 2020 it has been recorded at 6.4 hours per month which was 5.1 hours in 2019.

According to the App Annie Trends report, Brazil has seen a 75 percent year-on-year increase in downloads of financial related apps in 2020. The average number of hours spent on such apps has also registered a 45 percent increase over the last year.

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