If you know about these 4 tricks of cybercriminals, you will never be a victim of fraud, know how to stay safe

If you know about these 4 tricks of cybercriminals, you will never be a victim of fraud, know how to stay safe

To avoid any kind of fraud, it is very important to know about the methods of Cyber ​​Crime. Usually cyber thugs use these methods to mislead the users…

With the rise of online banking and transactions, cybercrime has also increased significantly.

Cybercrime is a different world in itself. We can also call it the virtual world that leaves a trail of destruction in the real world, ranging from bullying, email spam, phishing and online scams to identity theft, posting illegal and objectionable content on the web, and accessing or uploading child pornography. things are included.

Cybercriminals are constantly adopting new methods to extort money from people. Sometimes they tempt you with an offer or try to hack your computer or ask you to click on a malicious link. Therefore, it is very important that precautions are taken so that the designs of these cyber criminals can be thwarted.

To avoid any kind of fraud, it is very important to know about the methods of cybercrime. Generally, cyber thugs use four types of methods to mislead users…

fraud through UPI

Money can be sent or received easily to anyone through Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The fraudster sends a ‘Request Money’ link by luring people to give money and as soon as the user clicks on that link and enters his PIN thinking that he will get the money, money is deducted from his account itself. To avoid this, unknown debit requests should be discarded immediately. Also, don’t make the mistake of clicking on suspicious links sent by strangers.

Cheating money by sending OR code

Fraudsters are also doing the work of robbing customers through QR ie Quick Response Code. Through this, a QR code is sent to the mobile and when the person clicks on the QR code link, the thugs scan the code of his mobile phone and withdraw money from his bank account.

fraud through whatsapp call

If someone is calling you on WhatsApp then you should be careful because the caller can cheat you and block your number. Several users have reported that they are getting video calls on WhatsApp from unknown numbers and after the user receives the call, the screen shows a video of a nude girl and then the call gets disconnected.

Not only this, after disconnecting the phone, they ask for money in return by sending screenshots of cybercriminal videos. This case is purely online extortion or it can also be called cyber sextortion. If they do not get the money they want, these people also threaten to upload the screenshot on the Internet and make it viral. To avoid these scammers, it is important not to befriend any unknown person through WhatsApp or take any kind of call from any unknown number.

banking related fraud

Banking scam strategies include calls or emails to inform users about banking-related updates or information such as card suspension and suspicious transactions. The intimidation strategy then leads to fake banking pages (phishing pages) that are designed to steal information. In some cases, users get a call from a fake customer service head who tries to get banking details from the victim.

Take special care of these things to protect yourself from cybercrime

  • Avoid opening or clicking on any unwanted emails, SMS or attachments in messages on social media.
  • Be extra careful opening attachments even if the sender’s address is there.
  • Beware of spelling mistakes in emails, websites and unknown senders.
  • Do not repeat your passwords on different sites and change your passwords regularly. Make them difficult. This means that at least 10 combinations of letters, numbers and symbols should be used. Password managing application can help you to keep your password locked.

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