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How to protect WhatsApp chat from being leaked? Know about it ..

These days, many of the revelations are coming out of the link chat in Sushant case, through which the deleted messages are being exposed and they are exposed to everyone. Such cases often happen with people who are not aware of it that you can also delete your WhatsApp chat if you want it. Let us tell you that there are also such features on WhatsApp, with the help of which only the third person can never know about the conversation between two people. Nor can anyone recover deleted chats from your phone. Today we are going to tell you how to delete WhatsApp chat or how to save it even after deleting chat in the phone.

Authentication for WhatsApp chat-

WhatsApp has given its customers an authentication facility. Which is called the two-factor authentication code. With the help of Authentication Code, you can enter a 6 digit code in your WhatsApp. Due to this code, no one will dare to tamper with your WhatsApp. If the hacker tries to tamper with WhatsApp, then he will need an authentication code and without that code, he will not be able to open WhatsApp.

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Connect to WhatsApp by e-mail

You can also connect your WhatsApp with an email ID. By doing this, your WhatsApp chat will also be saved. And no one will be able to restore it. Because he won’t have your email.

Can take WhatsApp chat in memory card-

If you want to delete WhatsApp chat from your phone. And want to save the photo or other important information lying on it. So you can transfer chat, video, photos to pen drive, hard drive, micro sd card and memory card. But remember that things of any Android phone will not be transferred to the iPhone, nor can your WhatsApp chat transfer from iPhone to Android.

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