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How to know if someone’s mobile has your number saved

How to know if your number is saved in someone’s mobile or not: Be your many friends today. Many good friends, many very good friends, few less good friends, but sometimes you will have such a desire that you try to tell whether your number is saved in that good friend’s phone or sometimes such a situation It also becomes that we want to find out whether your number is saved in the mobile phone of a particular person.

How to know if your number is saved in someone’s mobile

The simplest way to do this is to check his mobile on his own, but if we cannot do this then it is quite a tough task, but the information about this should be known to our third person and not to any third person. Nor do you have to take any help, but it seems almost impossible to do it, but if you rotate your mind 360 degrees, then you know that you can find out this thing yourself.

That too with his phone. Yes, if you pay attention to the features of some applications present in your mobile, then you can do this work yourself. That too with the same ease. Let us tell you how you can do this. With the help of your WhatsApp, you can find out whether your number is saved in someone’s mobile or not. By following these few points, you can pass your answer to this question.

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First Solution: 

1). For this, all you have to do is open your WhatsApp first.
2). In it, click on the right hand and three dots.
3). Then create a new broadcast.
4). In the new broadcast, 2 to 4 numbers are added by friends whose mobile number is saved.
5). After this, choose the number in whose phone you want to know about your number.
6). Now send a message on the broadcast.
7). Understand the numbers on which your message has reached, your number is saved in those mobiles.
8) And your number is not saved in the mobile on which the message did not reach. What is the simplest solution to the most difficult problem?

Second solution

Now let’s talk about the second solution, so first of all, open your WhatsApp. Now there is a setting in WhatsApp that you want to show your profile photo and to whom not. This setting will automatically work here. If your mobile number will be saved in his mobile, then his profile photo will appear in your own WhatsApp and if not saved, it will not be visible. These works are also very simple.

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