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How to choose the right operating system for your TV, here are some important tips for buying Smart TV

Operating system is an important part of smart TV

The market of smart TVs is continuously growing. In such a situation, nowadays everyone has a smart TV in their house, which provides apps and other facilities. But how important is the operating system of the TV to you. Today we are giving you information about this.

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At present we can no longer call TV as Idiot Box. This is because today’s TVs have become very smart and in the coming time they will be smarter. It is very important to choose the right panel, picture quality and video quality while buying a TV, but it is also very important to know about the operating system inside your TV. Your TV is called smart because of the operating system itself. Every operating system has its own job. In many TVs, you get the latest apps, while the interface of many is good. And all this is possible with the operating system.

If we talk about some important TV operating systems in India, then it includes webOS, Tizen and Android. WebOS is a Linux based operating system made by LG. The award winning Smart TV webOS platform completely transforms your TV viewing experience. All LG TVs run on webOS. While it continues to maintain an open source version, LG has opened up its webOS ecosystem to other manufacturers in India, and this has built momentum in the Indian markets. While Android has been mainly popular in India, webOS TV has started gaining its footing recently. So, let us know which is the right operating system you should choose for your TV.

First look at the user interface

The user interface should be user friendly so that you can easily play the TV. At the same time, you should be able to operate it without any hassle. Let us tell you that the user interface may be different from the OS and TV manufacturer selected by you.

Check presence of apps

Smart TVs already come with many built in apps. In such a situation, it is important for you to see which games and apps are already installed in your TV. At the same time, do your favorite apps support your TV’s OS. At the same time, you also have to see that your TV has the support of App Store so that you can install and uninstall the app.

device ecosystem

This ecosystem can change the future for you. By having a common operating system with many of your devices, usage is simplified and integrated. For example, it would be ideal for Android users to choose Android TV and Google Home together. In the case of webOS TV, it comes with its very intelligent ThinQ AI which expands the reach of the users. AI technology enables users to connect all ThinQ supported smart devices at home and control everything from the TV. That way, you get the best of your smart devices.


Automatic and timely updates are very important for the OS. With its help, your device is always up to date and follows the latest trends and technology. These days it is necessary to have voice command support in smart TVs. This will make it easier to type and navigate through the TV using a smartphone. For example, webOS TV comes with additional ThinQ AI in the OS which can be used to communicate with supported devices.

What option do you have?

Domestic brands like Daiwa offer both webOS TVs and Android based Smart TVs, Made in India as per the Indian user experience. Arjun Bajaj, CEO and Founder, Daiwa TV explains, “Both Android TV and webOS have their advantages and disadvantages. The first difference you notice between Android TV and webOS is the user interface. The Android TV UI occupies the entire home screen, while the webOS UI is more minimalistic and does the reverse. In addition, the webOS TV is easy to navigate due to LG’s Magic Remote, making app switching easy. There webOS TV dominates. The webOS TV content store comes with a list of the latest and most popular streaming apps and games, while the Android TV platform gets the benefits of the Google Play Store.

He further says that Android TV and webOS TV can be operated wirelessly. However, the best thing about webOS here is LG’s Magic Remote. It offers pointer function, voice function, click wheel, universal remote and more. Whether you want Android TV or webOS, you can choose from your Smart TV experience.

Let us tell you that, Android TV focuses on user content and content discovery, Tizen OS is more flexible with users across all devices, while webOS makes it hassle-free to do what you want. While every competing Smart TV OS has a lot in common, they are also very different at the same time.

The TV ecosystem in India is very dynamic. Currently, Samsung’s Tizen OS is the world’s leading TV streaming platform among smart TVs in use, followed by webOS from LG.

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