How much toll tax will have to be paid during the journey, Google Maps will now give you information about it too

How much toll tax will have to be paid during the journey, Google Maps will now give you information about it too

Google Maps is working on a feature here that will give users the opportunity to better plan for road trips. Google Maps will now tell you how many tolls are there on the road and how much money will be charged to you.

This feature of Google Maps is going to be very useful for the users.

Google Maps is working on an interesting update that will help users plan their trips better. According to reports, the mapping app will now tell you which roads have toll gates and how much you will have to pay as toll tax. This will help you decide whether you want to take toll gate road or not. The feature is reportedly in its early stages, and it is too early to speculate whether the feature will be available in all countries.

The upcoming Google Maps feature can be very beneficial for the users. Often when you set out on a journey, you are surprised to see so many toll gates on the way. So if Google Maps is able to give you information about how much total tolls will cost and how many toll gates will fall on your way, you can easily decide whether you want to take that road full of toll gates. . It can also help users to save time.

While Google hasn’t made anything official about the upcoming feature, an Android Police report states that a message was sent to members of the Google Maps Preview program about the upcoming feature that will include roads, bridges and other “expensive additions”. ” will display the prices for tolls for your navigation route. The Google Maps Preview Program has confirmed that the total toll tax will be credited to your app. This will be visible to the users even before they select the route.

Let us tell you that this is a feature that Google Maps is taking from the Waze app. The company authorized it in the year 2013. Waze app gives you information about toll plazas. The app started giving complete information about toll tax three years ago. Wedge mapping feature currently includes Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Latvia, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Spain, USA and other countries.

However, it has not been told yet when Google will bring this feature. At the same time, will this feature be only for American users or will the company give it to Indian users as well.

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