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How does Google track you? You can control it yourself, know the easy way

From search history, device location, content to shopping preferences, our phones are constantly collecting and sharing data through apps. In such a situation, it is very important to prevent your personal information from being shared.

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Since Google is an essential part of most of the work we do online, the Internet giant has huge amounts of information being collected every second. Its web of apps and services, which enhances many of our daily features, continuously generates and exchanges dates to improve the user experience.

From search history, device location, content to shopping preferences, our phones are constantly collecting and sharing data with apps. There is an option for your device to have more control over your personal information by replacing the monitoring instructions with Google. However, this can be difficult as one may lose access to the customization features that Google offers.

How to Control Device Monitoring Through Google

To control device monitoring through Google, go to the Activity Control page. You will find it in your Google Account when you log in with the browser. Your information with Google is categorized into different sections. In the Activity Control page, you’ll need to provide the option to toggle any tracking category on or off using the toggle.

Some of the categories you will get are as follows…

  • Web and App Activity
  • location history
  • youtube history
  • Advertising Personalization

User activity monitoring can be managed

Google offers a variety of options to manage activity monitoring. You can view and delete records through ‘Manage Activity’.

You can also check the applications on your device that are being monitored by selecting the date and product filters. You can delete a special entry or a few records at once from here. You can delete all your past activity by going to Activity through the link and then selecting all data from all products and times.

You can also choose an auto-delete option. Google will automatically delete records older than 3 or 18 months, depending on the option you choose.

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