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Has your phone also become a victim of malware? Find out in these ways, learn how to avoid

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Computer virus is a common occurrence but it is quite sensitive for your pocket computer ie phone. Cynical coders use malicious software to steal your phone’s valuable data and generate revenue by selling it on the dark web. The phone is vulnerable to both internal and external damage. Internal damage usually comes in the form of apps, ads etc. The crooks use ransomware to lock the device and encrypt personal data.

While most people believe that Android devices are highly vulnerable to malware, a Panser report suggests that there has been a surge in malicious apps that pose a serious threat to the iPhone as well. But how do you know if your phone has a virus? Antivirus companies suggest that malware performs ‘repeated functions that can take up resources on your device’. Here are some important signals that can be used to find out whether your phone is infected with malware or not.

Signals that tell you your phone has malware

  • Fast data usage because the virus tries to run a lot of background tasks and ‘communicate’ with the Internet.
  • Battery drains fast because malicious apps consume a lot of energy.
  • Suspicious pop-up ads are another sign of virus. While many sites have pop-up ads, more visible ads are not the correct gesture for the device.
  • Strange appearance of new apps on the home screen that you haven’t downloaded from the App Store. These new unsolicited apps may contain malware.
  • Decreased performance is another sign that your device is prone to malware.

how to fix your mobile if infected with virus

  • If any of these signals have been detected in your phone, then you can take these steps to fix it.
  • Check the most recently installed apps, if you find any app with low download and bad review then it is recommended to remove that app.
  • Some malware can also hide in your browser. In that case, you should clear the cache in your phone settings.
  • Another best practice is to install authentic antivirus software that can scan for any malicious apps on your device.

If none of these solutions help to reduce battery/data drainage or improve performance, the last method would be to go for a factory reset but before you start the process make sure you have saved all your important files. saved from the device.

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