Google presented transparency report under new IT rules, shocking thing came out

Google presented transparency report under new IT rules, shocking thing came out

The report said that these complaints pertain to third-party content that is believed to violate local laws or individual rights on Google’s SSMI platform.

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Google said in its monthly transparency report released on Friday that it removed 71,132 content in May and 83,613 in June following complaints from users. Apart from user complaints, Google has removed 6,34,357 content in May and 5,26,866 in June through the automatic process. That is, in two months, Google has removed a total of 13,15,968 content.

The US-based company gave this information under compliance with India’s IT rules that came into force on 26 May. In its first report, Google said in April this year it received more than 27,700 complaints from individual users in India for alleged violations of local laws or personal rights, resulting in the removal of 59,350 content.

Google said in a May report that it had received 34,883 complaints from individual users and based on these, action was taken against 71,132 content. These complaints pertain to third-party content believed to violate local laws or individual rights on Google’s SSMI (Notable Social Media Intermediary) platform, the report said.

Complaints related to copyright matters were the highest

The largest number of complaints processed were related to copyright (70,365). Apart from this, complaints of several categories including defamation (753), copying (5), other legal violation (4), fraud (3) and sexual material (2) were processed.

Under the new IT rules, large digital platforms with more than 50 lakh users will have to publish their compliance reports every month, detailing complaints received and action taken on them.

What are the new social media rules called

Big digital companies like Google and Facebook have started updating their websites with the aim of making public information, including the appointment of complaints officers, according to India’s new social media rules.

Under the new rules, key social media mediators are required to appoint grievance redressal officers, nodal officers and chief operating officers. It is necessary for these officers that they should be posted in India and they should stay here. Those social media platforms come in the category of major social media mediators, whose number of users is more than 5 million.

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