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Google Chrome App Has Password Security Feature Update

  • Password theft cannot be done with the new feature of Chrome
  • This feature of Chrome will identify those fake forms

Google Chrome app has password security

new Delhi. In today’s time, there are a lot of flaws in any app regarding tampering with passwords. And to avoid this kind of tampering, Google keeps updating us with new features. Now Google is working on a new feature of Google search engine Chrome. In this also, if someone is tampering with your password, then the browser will immediately alert you and send a message to change the password. Chrome will send a copy of it to Google in a secure format, keeping your username and password secure, after which Google will check to remove any username and password that has been saved through that secure format.

Now Google’s new feature will reveal the identity of the caller, will hit Truecaller

To access this process, such standard technology has been used in it, which works to give the URL to the websites to change the password. This makes the process of changing the password of users much easier. Using this standard, Chrome will alert users of any kind of tampering and after that it will immediately take you to the webpage where you can change your password.

Google has also updated some features in Chrome 86 with the help of which users can improve security. Apart from this, such safe browsing features have also been released, through which Chrome will give you protection from phishing, malware and other dangerous sites through real-time data sharing with Safe Browsing service. With the introduction of this new feature, the number of molesters has seen a decline of nearly 20 percent so far. This new feature is very beneficial for users. With this protection, Chrome has also added a biometric Authentication step. You can set authentication using your Face ID, Touch ID or Phone Passcode. If you turn on Chrome Autofill in Settings, Chrome Password Manager will allow you to autofill save passwords in iOS apps or browsers..

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