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Facebook-Instagram down for the second time in a week, the company apologized to the users, the service started again

Facebook, Instagram services down worldwide

Social media apps Instagram and Facebook went down for the second time in a week. Due to the service down, the users had to face a lot of problems. Both the apps were affected for about an hour after 12 o’clock in the night. Facebook and Instagram were shut down for some time due to server down. Due to which many users had to face problems. However, now the service has been restored. Earlier on Sunday-Monday (between 3 and 4 October) also the servers of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down for about six hours.

Both these apps have issued a statement and apologized to the users who had to face this problem. Facebook tweeted, “We’re sorry. Some people are having trouble accessing our apps and websites. We’re sorry if you can’t use our service. We know how dependent you are on us to communicate with each other. Now we have solved the problem. Thanks again for keeping your patience this time too.”

At the same time, Instagram said in its statement that we are sorry. Some of you might be having some problem using Instagram right now. we are so sorry. For now, things have settled down and everything should be back to normal. Thank you for cooperating with us.

Second problem in a week

According to the Internet monitoring website Downdetector, a total of 28,702 crashes were reported on 9 October 2021 at 12:12 pm. Apart from WhatsApp, social media platforms Facebook Facebook and Instagram were suddenly down on Monday night. Millions of users around the world had a lot of trouble due to their downing. WhatsApp users were neither able to send nor receive messages. Similarly, users were seeing only old content on Facebook. Due to this problem, Instagram users were also having trouble accessing the story and reels. However, after about 6 hours of hard work, all these social media platforms started working again.

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