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Do you also want to close Microsoft account? Here’s what’s the way

Closing a Microsoft account would mean losing access to all Outlook email, Skype messages, data on OneDrive, Xbox Gamertags, and more. So you have to back up everything you need.

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A Microsoft account is an essential property for any user. This is a way to gain access to the different services Microsoft offers to its customers. This includes Outlook, Skype, Teams, One Drive, Office, and Xbox Live. But there may be some accounts that are out of date and you are not currently using or you may have switched to another service provider or are planning to do so.

Apart from this, deleting your Microsoft account can be a difficult process, it can also be related to privacy. However, users should be aware that closing a Microsoft account will mean the loss of access to all Outlook email, Skype messages, data on OneDrive, Xbox gamertags, and more, among other things. So you have to back up everything you need. You should also cancel all memberships in that account as it will be difficult to cancel them later.

Another important step before requesting for account deletion is to ensure that you do not have any money in your Windows Store Wallet, or that you will not be able to access it once the account is closed. If after all these you are ready to close Microsoft account, then know which steps you will have to follow.

Go to Microsoft’s Account Closure Page

First you need to log in to the account through the Microsoft Account Closure webpage. You may need to verify via a code or by using another email address associated with the account. Once the verification is done, you will be taken to the next screen.

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This page will ask if you are ready to close the account. You have to choose a recovery window from two options of 30 or 60 days. If you change your mind after this process and want to restore a Microsoft account, you will need to log in and do so with the timings you chose in this step. Once you have made up your mind, click Next.

Tick ​​the check box to confirm

The next page will prompt you about the services, memberships and data that you will lose once the account is closed. Read all notifications carefully to make sure you have backed up your requirement, unsubscribed and emptied the attached wallet. You must tick all the boxes to confirm to Microsoft that you understand what is involved in deleting an account. Next, there will be a drop-down menu asking you the reason for deleting the account.

When you have selected your option, click on ‘Mark account for closure’ button. This will take you to the next page and the last step. The page will clearly state that your email address xyz@123.com will be closed on a certain date.

As you marked earlier, the account will be closed after the 30- or 60-day timing. If you wish to change the process, you can do so by logging in again within this timing. However, you will need to confirm your identity through the security information on your Microsoft account. If you do not log in, the account will be automatically deleted after the timing.

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