iPhone 13 satellite calling feature will not work in India, know its details

Before the launch of iPhone 13, the company faced this big problem, the Chinese company made a big allegation on Apple

The new effort of the Chinese company Xiao-i clearly indicates that the company is trying to pressure Apple for some kind of settlement.

The company can launch iPhone 13 soon.

A Chinese company has filed a lawsuit seeking permission to halt iPhone production in China, including the upcoming iPhone 13. Xiao-i (whose full name stands for Shanghai Zizen Network Technology Company) had previously unsuccessfully tried to block the sale of all Apple devices with Siri in China, claiming that Apple’s Intelligent Assistant (IA) had been used by the company. The proprietary “chat robot” patent was infringed (breached).

In fact, Xiao-i claimed last year that Siri infringed on its patent for a chat robot and sought an order that would halt Chinese sales of all Apple devices that use IA. The last two court battles ended in a 1-1 draw. In the first case, Apple asked the court to invalidate the patent but the justice declared it valid. In another, Xiao-i failed to persuade the court to pass an order, raising the question of whether Siri had infringed on its patent.

Nearly a week before a Chinese artificial intelligence firm launched the latest update to its flagship by the world’s most valuable company, Apple’s iPhone in the country has been filed with a Shanghai court over a long-running patent dispute involving virtual assistant Siri. Was told to stop production and sale.

Jio-i tries to stop iPhone production

The South China Morning Post reports that the company is now trying again, this time trying to stop all iPhone production within the country. The timing of the trial is apparently to maximize pressure on Apple to agree to a settlement rather than interrupt production of the iPhone at such an urgent time.

Of course, Apple isn’t going to stop making or selling iPhones in China because it’s one of its biggest markets. But Apple may not want any legal trouble just before the launch of the new iPhone 13 series. The new attempt by Xiao-i clearly indicates that the company is trying to pressure Apple for some kind of settlement.

Apple has said on this matter, we are disappointed that Xiao-i Robot has filed another lawsuit. We look forward to presenting the facts in court and will continue to focus on delivering the world’s best products and service to our customers.

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