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Apple is going to give this tremendous feature to the users, now you will be able to control AC, radio from the phone, it will work like this

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Apple’s own self-driving car may be years away from launch, but it is not completely away from existing cars. Apple’s CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone as a great alternative for map navigation, calls and other communications, and even entertainment on your car’s infotainment screen. Now Apple is planning to add more capabilities to make CarPlay more usable.

CarPlay will soon let you control the air conditioning, adjust the seats, configure the audio settings on your car, among other things and that could be good news for iPhone users with cars. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple may be working on several updates for CarPlay to improve it in terms of interaction with the host vehicle. The current set of features is good, but there are still many things that your iPhone cannot do.

However, a better CarPlay will take care of everything. It lets you set the cooling temperature of your car’s AC, adjust the seats without having to do it manually and lets you know the temperature and humidity of the car. It can also let you control the speedometer.

Apple is now planning to make CarPlay better

For most things to work as planned, Apple will need to partner vehicle manufacturers to work more closely. This is because automakers will need Apple’s APIs inside the software to control things like ACs or car seats. Several years ago, Apple released an API that would allow car makers to roll out their own car controls within CarPlay, but these controls are not used by most CarPlay users, so Apple is now rolling out CarPlay to iPhone users. Is making a different plan to make the car better with it.

Special controls will be available for Dashboard

Apple is reportedly working on a project called “Ironheart” and Bloomberg said it’s in the early stages. There is no specific timeline for when Apple can introduce a better CarPlay but it may take some time as the real challenge for Apple will be to persuade the car makers to do such a thing. It is highly unlikely that carmakers would leave full control of the car dashboard to Apple but what could be more convenient for both Apple and car companies to work on select features of the next variant of CarPlay.

This would mean that car companies would still retain control of specific items in their car’s dashboard, while allowing Apple’s CarPlay to control other things.

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