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5 Useful Tips To Charge Smartphone Faster – If your smartphone is slow charged then follow these tips

The charging of the phone becomes slow. There can be many reasons for this. Today we will tell you what you should do if your phone is also being slow charged.

Whenever a user buys a new smartphone, he sees a lot of features in it. Apart from the smartphone’s processor, camera and look, we also see how much power the battery has. The phone will give a backup of how many hours after charging, it depends on its battery. Therefore, users show more interest in smartphones with strong battery backup with good features.

Most of the smartphones that are coming nowadays are coming with fast charging support. However, after some time after purchasing the phone, it is seen that the charging of the phone becomes slow. There can be many reasons for this. Today we will tell you what you should do if your phone is also being slow charged. There are some tips that you can try by fast charging your phone.

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5 Tips To Charge Smartphone Faster

1. Charger be original

When we buy a smartphone, it also comes with a charger. After some time either the charger malfunctions or is lost. In such a situation, many people start using duplicate chargers in a cheap affair. This duplicate charger only slows down the charging speed of your phone. It also damages the phone’s battery. In such a situation, use the original charger to charge the phone.

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2. Avoid local data cable:

Sometimes the data cable that comes with the smartphone goes bad after some time. In such a situation, some people charge the phone with a local data cable. This affects the phone’s battery and slows down the charging speed. Also, the local data cable can also damage your phone’s battery.

3. Switch off the phone:

When you put your phone on charging, try to switch it off if your phone is not working at that time. The phone charges quickly after switching off and charging.

4. Remove cover:

Often people put a cover to protect the phone. When charging the phone, the cover also remains. This can slow down the charging speed of your phone. The battery releases heat when the phone battery is charged. If the cover is kept on the phone then this heat will not go out. In such a situation, the phone becomes hot and its phone performance is affected. If you remove the cover and charge it, then the phone will be scanned quickly.

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5. Power saving mode

When the battery of the phone becomes low, then you put it on charging. In such a situation, before putting the phone on charging, turn on its power-saving mode. This will quickly charge the phone. Apart from this, before putting it in charging, close all its applications like location, GPS, data and sync etc.

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