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20 years ago, Google was the only search browser, but now the story has changed

At one time, Google had to compete with Altavista, Yahoo and Lycos, Google continued to move faster and faster searching.

It was 20 years ago. When many people typed Google.com on a computer’s web browser for the first time. After the page was loaded, a search bar and button appeared on the screen. Here, you would have to type the search and click on the search button. Then there were many links to the results related to it at the bottom. They also had the links we needed.

This was the era of Google when it was called Altavista, Yahoo! And had to compete with search engines like Lycos. It would also not be wrong to say that Google was trying to establish its identity then. However, Google continued to move fast and fast searching. Now after 20 years, the story has changed completely.

The crown of the search engine has come to Google’s head, but now most of the people who use it are also under its control. This thing is being said because Google’s technology has completely changed the life of the common man. He knows almost everything from a Gmail account to your likes, dislikes to sleep and waking up.

Let us also understand this thing…

Work starts with Gmail: When you have a smartphone, a Gmail account is needed to access apps in it. Your same account ID works on all Google apps like Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, Maps, Photos, Calendar, Contact. With this ID, Google will start tracking you.

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In fact, these days many tech companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This is a technology that tracks the activity of the user on different platforms, then produces the data of his choice or choice. Explain this with an example.

Suppose a user logged on to the phone with the name name@gmail.com. Now he watches YouTube. Then he watched which video, for how long, and stopped the video quickly. The video activity will be tracked with that ID. Now whenever he logs in on a phone or PC with the user name@gmail.com, he will start watching videos of his choice on YouTube. As will happen to you too.

Similarly, with the help of Google Maps, a user with name id@gmail.com comes and goes, then Google will also have information about this data. For example, which hotel did the user visit in a month? Visited a shop? Where did you watch the movie? Where did you travel? With the help of AI, such information will be with Google.

Advertisement of choice on your wall: You must have always noticed that whenever we go to an e-commerce website and see a product, then it starts appearing on another website. This is also a part of your activity. When you see that product again and again, then maybe you make up your mind to buy it.

By going to My Google Activity, you can see all your history. That is, what videos you watched, what news you read, what you searched on Google search engine, which apps were downloaded.

Phone’s complete accounting: Android OS has a market share of 95.85%, iOS has a market share of 3.24%. That is, most users use Android smartphones only. Android OS is also a product of Google. In such a situation, Google keeps an eye on every activity associated with your smartphone. Like we mentioned above, all of Google’s apps are linked to your Gmail ID.

The contact list of your phone is also a Gmail account link. That is, every contact of your phone is with Google. Similarly, videos and photos of your phone are also synced with Google. Google saves them on its cloud storage ie Google Drive.

YouTube viewing users increased: YouTube is now the largest video hosting platform. On this, approximately 215 million (about 21.5 million) American users daily watch an average of 27 minutes of video. According to EMarketer, some years ago this figure was up to 22 minutes. According to Google, the number of users on its YouTube TV has increased by more than 2 million last year. Sling TV, launched in 2015, had around 2.6 million users last year.

Google New Feature: Now Google will help you to remember the forgotten song, know about this special feature?

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