10 Most Useful Sensors Of Your Smartphone, Know What Is Their Work

10 Most Useful Sensors Of Your Smartphone, Know What Is Their Work

Smartphones are not only for calls and videos anymore, but they also give you the experience of different things. And all this is possible only because of the sensors.

Many features work thanks to smartphone sensors

Modern day smartphones are now being used not only for communication but for many other things. These days they are used for heart beat, stress and steps count. Apart from this, many sensors have also been given inside the phone, with the help of which you get to see a different experience inside videos and photos. With the help of these sensors, the experience of using your smartphone becomes even better.

Let us know that sensors have also been given in your phone’s Face ID and fingerprint scanner. In such a situation, let us know which are the 10 most important sensors in your phone that you use daily.

Proximity sensor

This sensor detects the things kept near your phone and turns off the display. You must have seen this during the call, when you put the phone on the ear, then you get the display off. This also saves battery.


With the help of this sensor, your smartphone gives you information whether you have held the smartphone in portrait or landscape mode. That is, the way you will hold the phone with the help of the sensor, the sensor will work in the same way.


It works as motion detection in the smartphone as you rotate or twist the smartphone. At the same time, the one we take out 360 degree photos in our phone, it works in that too.

Digital compass

This sensor is useful for the information of the Earth’s magnetic field. That is, in which direction are you and in which direction do you have to walk next? This gives you this information.


With the help of Global Positioning System technology, you can get information about your current location. At the same time, you can use it even without an internet connection.


This sensor does two things. First, it gives a GPS chip in the smartphone, so that you can lock the location faster. At the same time, with this you can also measure the pressure of the atmosphere.


Your fingerprint, IRIS, facial data works with this sensor. This sensor is very useful during smartphone unlock.


With the help of Near Field Communication, you can transfer data but for this the distance should be 10cm. At the same time, you can also use contactless payments. It is more secure than bluetooth.


Pedometer gives step data in digital device. It is available in smartphones and smartwatches.

ambient light sensor

Ambient Light Sensor is a photo detector that adjusts your screen brightness by detecting the surrounding light. This sensor is very famous in smartphones, TVs, laptops.

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