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Kuwar Amritbir Singh of age 19 from village Umarwala, Batala ( Punjab ) who is the first young boy from Punjab to break these National Records at the age of 17 and 18. By Doing 118 knuckle Pushups in 1 minute and youngest to do Maximum superman Pushups in 30 Seconds that is 35.

As for the making of the world, records was the dream of his father but because of some family issues, he couldn’t and left it. Then he thought that my son will fulfill my dream and Kuwar dit it now. He has also been Awarded as a young youth icon from district Gurdaspur by DC and SDM of district Gurdaspur on 15 August and 26 January. Kuwar also shared his motivation to start the journey. When I was in 8th class I use to get the role of Bhagat Singh Ji, Kartar Singh Sarabhai Ji, and Udham Singh Ji in school plays so then after playing their roles I get involved in their characters that such great personalities were and also take part in every activity held in school either in Sports, studies, speeches on the different festivals celebrated in school and also to motivate students. In school, my teachers used to say to me that you are a man who can do anything keep it up So their words also motivate me in my every problem to face it and come up.

As studying in school I always think to become an all-Rounder because as I was perfect in every field. But slowly when we grow up our daily life problems also grow with us. So to face them we have to be strong not only physically but mentally too. After facing them they made me strong and determined to my goal that now whatever will happen I will do it now and Never Give up. I also used to study biographies of other top personalities in books, social media and listen from our elders. This helps me at that time when I feel alone and thinks to give up. Then after reading about them I thought to do something that youth should also study about me in the future and consider me as their Role Model. Then I started my journey in fitness when I was of 16 years and never gone gym to start it till now. I used to practice at home with my own homemade desi Workout equipment like Dumbles made of plastic bottles filled with cement, interlock tiles, bricks, and other waste materials.

So that I should encourage youth that if you want to do something don’t wait for the opportunities or benefits that someone will come and say you that come we will help you to reach your destination. you can start on your own because you are only the Hero of yourself. So I started doing practice and Also post regularly on social media. In the beginning, it was quite difficult to start the journey and slowly I started getting involved in the view of the public and now I have thousands of followers on my social media accounts and also many of youth has changed their lifestyle by watching me on TV’s and other media accounts. So on the behalf of making changes in society, I have also been Nominated for the Karmaveer Chakra Awards 2020 – 2021.

On the other side, I have also done Two Punjabi Short movies as the lead role to promote fitness in youth and say goodbye to drugs but at the time you can only watch them on youtube. And further, I will come first Young Action Hero in Punjabi Industry as Sardar boy and for this, I am working hard on my Action Skills trying to improve them better day by day so that I can come on board at the time I can Handstand Walk & pushups, flips, kick up and All types of Pushups. And my aim is to become the First Young boy from Punjab whose name should be nominated for International Youth Icon Awards. At last, I would only say that every new morning we will face different problems but life is only once So just do it and you have to tell the problems that if you are coming then I am ready to face you till you will say that what a player you are.

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