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Two friends, a great idea, starting with 20 liters of milk, the empire has spread all over Delhi today

Most people dream of creating a unique empire of success like others. But it is not possible to start a business, and then to make it successful by facing all the challenges coming in the way. But it is true that if the will power to achieve the goal is strong then only true success is achieved. Our story today is about two friends who quit their jobs and made the move towards building their own business empire and are leading a successful startup today.

Partha Virendra And Sahil Chopra Childhood classmates Of Delhi. Both completed engineering and then MBA degrees from different colleges after completing their initial education from Don Bosco School in Delhi. After successfully obtaining the degree, they both worked with various companies in the world as management consultants. Although both of them were in constant contact on phone calls despite being far away from each other.

Sahil Business Khabar In a special conversation with, we told that the conversation of both of us often revolved around the new business opportunities present in the Indian market. We were traveling extensively over the last five years, giving us an idea of ​​how and which industries were growing globally and where these opportunities might fit within the Indian business landscape.

The two friends often interacted on new business ideas. He did extensive research on the emerging business in different countries and also did a lot of research on which business could prove to be revolutionary in the context of the Indian market. In the end he decided that he would work towards providing organic milk to the people at their home. Now the biggest challenge before him was to say goodbye to the frozen job.

Quitting jobs in the entrepreneurial spirit was a very important decision but we are happy that today we own a well-known brand.

After extensive deliberations and extensive research, he finally decided to quit his job and laid the foundation of his dreams. ‘Happy Nature’ started on a small scale with only 20 liters of milk supplied to acquaintances around them. Parth and Sahil did it on their own, sourcing milk from indigenous healthy cows, packaging milk, and even delivering milk. He had confidence in his ideas, so even with little investment, he did most of the work by himself and gave the company an early start.

In a very short time by supplying quality milk, Happy Nature caught the attention of the people and their customers were really feeling the difference in the quality of milk. Now they deliver around 2000 liters of milk and products made from them across Delhi. The company currently has its own farm, where hundreds of cows are provided with livestock and green fodder for them.

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The problem he felt was the increasing adulteration of milk due to the huge demand in the market. Sahil says that “We noticed that some serious health problems arose due to adulteration in milk and then we decided to change the way milk shops are run.”

He really believes that only the Happy Cow can give Happy Milk. Therefore they have created a stress-free and green environment for their cows.

He has also recently started making bakery products like bread, butter etc. They plan to take their brand to the national level by making products available to every Indian.

His story is inspiring in many ways. After engineering and MBA, when he started a small business of cow rearing and milk selling, many people must have made fun of him. But only he saw a big and spectacular success hidden behind his small debut. And they just chased their goals with full tenacity and today we all witness their success.

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