Success Story of IAS Yashni Nagarajan

Success Story of IAS Yashni Nagarajan: learned from mistakes and fourth at UPSC

Yashni Nagarajan’s IAS Success Story: Today we are going to tell you about one such success story. Those who think so about the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. This exam is so difficult that it should be prepared separately and the whole time. Even after preparing full-time several times, candidates cannot be selected. Yashni Nagarajan is also a candidate who never left the job to prepare. However, it is difficult to prepare in such a situation. But the unlikely Yashni never accepted everything. And she kept preparing to become IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and then topped UPSC 57 rank by 2019.

IAS Success Story of Yashni Nagarajan

Talking about this, Yashni says in an interview that Yashni got this success in the fourth attempt. She was also elected in its first attempt (Union Public Service Commission), but at that time her rank was 834. She was not satisfied with her rank so she tried again (Indian Administrative Service). In her earlier efforts, she was not even there before. However, Yashni learned from his mistakes and did not repeat them in the next attempt. Yashni says that on the issue of taking so long to get success. This test happens many times, so it is important that candidates do not lose courage.

Success is not easy here, but in such a situation, it is necessary to keep yourself motivated. Yashni states her case that she was always very good at academics and her marks were very good. It even made it to the CBSE Board XII merit list. In such a situation, when she was not even elected to the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), she was very desperate. And it took them time to understand that there is a difference between the rest of the examinations and the Indian Administrative Service. Eventually, he prepared himself for it in a short while.

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Indian Administrative Service

Yashni says that the second important thing is (Union Public Service Commission) Handbook of Current Affairs and mock test for preparation. Take great care of both of them. With this, Yashni says. It is not necessary to spend money to get online content, the truth is. Don’t know how many sites offer free and good content. (Indian Administrative Service) Another important thing is that just giving mock test does not work. Students should also analyze the answer they have written. And what is the difference between the models that are in response?

Give your answers at the same level. Take the help of diagrams and flowcharts if possible.

Yashni says,

Any candidate should identify and clear their week points on failing the exam

Talking further in the interview, she says that as if she had a huge lack of options. She had chosen the wrong option because all her friends were choosing the same. (Indian Administrative Service) She took the exam with the same option thrice and changed it for the fourth time. She says that the choice of optional is very important for any candidate.

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