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Success Story of IAS Geetanjali Sharma: UPSC Exam Passed on 3rd Attempt

IAS Story – Geetanjali Sharma UPSC IAS Officer: Today we are going to tell you a story. Who has never given up on realizing his dream? Yes, Gitanjali Sharma Ji passed the Union Public Service Commission examination of the year 2019 with 32nd rank. This was her third attempt. After graduating from Hindu College, Delhi, Gitanjali had made up her mind to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission exam.

Geetanjali says that she had good marks in almost every exam, even Pre had passed with a good number. And the main one was not any particular point. She herself was not satisfied with the numbers of this property as she always had an IAS position in her mind. She did not want to compromise the Indian Administrative Service rank below this.

IAS Success Story Geetanjali Sharma

Gitanjali made up her mind to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission UPSC exam. In the year 2016, she gave her first attempt in which even Pre could not pass. After this, she took a year break and joined coaching. She realized by herself preparations that her first attempt was not good. Subsequently, she gave a second appointment in the year 2018, in which the interview reached the Indian Administrative Service but did not figure in the final list.

For this Union Public Service Commission effort, Gitanjali says that she had good marks in almost every exam, Pre had passed only by number five and did not get any special marks even in Mains. She herself was not satisfied with the number of this property because she always had Indian Administrative Service status in her mind. She did not want to compromise on the rank below it. Gitanjali further says that she has read such toppers many times and has heard that in the years she prepared, it was the only exam in her life and nothing else.

Gitanjali says that the Indian Administrative Service is different from her thinking. There is no doubt about it, but that does not mean that only exams become your life. Think and do other things besides this. Where some candidates say that if two or three years are cut off from the outside world, then what happened or did not give hobby time, it is fine. It destroys you and ultimately this success is so big. Once found, everyone else is left behind. This is what Gitanjali believes.

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Geetanjali made her own time table for studies

Gitanjali suggests that the Indian Administrative Service aims to determine for itself how many days, what to finish. Which should be months to weeks and days. She set his own timetable on Excel himself. However, here she definitely says one thing which is different from the others. She also said how she will keep herself fresh in the day’s program. That is, she also took a productive break in the midst of studies throughout the day.

Gitanjali says that I used to take an afternoon nap. She used to go around her dogs and also do dance classes. She further says that I cannot read more than eight to ten hours per day, so I used to do all this. Hours would have increased at the time of examination, but Gitanjali did not like to enter the book day and night. Actually, the preparation for this Indian Administrative Service Examination is long, make such strict rules for yourself that can last for a long time. Do not waste time, but do not let this preparation be tortured for you as well. With proper guidance, hard work and commitment, the Union Public Service Commission will surely succeed.

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