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Success mantra of talent topping UPSC from village Hindi medium school


While India is moving towards economic-political progress, the situation of gender inequality in the country remains serious even today. However, with the changing scenario, changes are also taking place in the thinking of the people and women have also demonstrated their success in every field with their efficiency and leadership. IAS officer writing a unique story of success by facing challenges Pratibha Verma‘s story teaches us a lot.

Leaving from a small village in Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, Pratibha proved that the labourers never give up by becoming an IRS and then IAS officer. Pratibha has made a mark in the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Examination 2019 by securing the third position in the country and first position in the female category.

Prepared to leave the job

He left Sultanpur in 2010 after completing her primary and intermediate studies from the village itself. It was not easy to prepare for this difficult exam by moving from the Hindi medium school of the village to a big city like Delhi. But she wanted to achieve the goal that she stayed away from her family for decades and continued her studies. She also served as a manager in Vodafone’s company for her experience before taking the IAS exam in 2018. However, due to not being good rank, she became Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax as IRS. Despite getting the job, she continued to prepare with determination to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS and was ranked third in the country this time while being ranked first in the country in the women’s category.

What is her success mantra

Prerna believes that to achieve the goal, first of all, we have to determine the goal. And one should always choose the target according to her wish. During high school and intermediate education, you should decide the topic of your interest according to which you will be able to study further.

Read about the stalwarts of the region in which you want to go, how many difficulties their life has gone through and how they have faced it.

Also, you should read the stories of successful people in your field. It is very important to know how they met their target while facing all the challenges.

How to prepare for the exam

According to Pratibha, most of the NCERT books are very useful for this exam in which history, geography and economy current affairs and basic quality books of ninth grade are very useful. Also, books related to social science, environment and science of class 11 and 12 will also be very helpful. Information related to science and technology is very important, for this you read the current affairs happening in the field of science all over the world.

I used to read the newspaper for two hours every day and have taken a lot of benefit by regularly studying the books of the scheme published by the government.

Apart from this, reading newspapers daily and books of government schemes prove very useful.

Pratibha, who has done her initial education from a Hindi medium school, believes that English language does not have a major impact in this examination. It is not that those who have not studied English cannot pass the examination. English is simply the medium of examination and course materials are much more available in English.

Pratibha Verma has indeed proved by her success that if one is determined and pursued, then nothing is impossible in this world.

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